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Birthday Card

Today I'm going to a Birthday Party for one of my only friends that likes My Chemical Romance. I decided to make her a special MCR themed card just for the occasion. Her favorite album is Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge so I incorporated every song title from that album. What do you guys think of my work?

Don't let the bed bugs bite,
Sleep tight, and sweet dreams.
-Waterfall Bomb

A blog

Well the song above is what I'm currently listening to while typing this. I'm very bored right now. That means that I would love if someone would message me. I don't care who you are, or where you're from. We can talk about anything, I just need something to do right now.
So I think that's really all I wanted to say. Wow. This blog is completely pointless. Maybe some pictures will make it better. I doubt it, but enjoy the pictures I put with it anyway.


Don't let the bed bugs bite,
Sleep tight, and sweet dreams.
-Waterfall Bomb

The Afterlife part 18

"Okay. I'm going to need you to create a platform for me to stand on so I can paint the ceiling." Abby instructed me.
I nodded, and thought for a minute about what I should make the platform out of. The best option would be earth, but that wouldn't be possible indoors. I could do ice, but that's too slippery to stand on.
"I think I'm going to have to try something new." I told Abby. " We should probably practice this outside once or twice."
"Okay." Abby agreed.
We went outside, and I explained what I had in mind. "I'm going to try and create a platform out of sir underneath you."
Abby nodded,

The Afterlife part 17

We all followed Abby to a corner shop near the end of the complex. The store had a sign outside that read 'Traffic." It wasn't a very large store, just a little smaller than most of the others.
Inside was completely empty. Abby must have taken all the shelves and merchandise out already.
"My plan is to move some Mannequins from other stores into here. Maybe crash some shelves in various places. Then we'll just dump paint on everything, and add details."
"Sounds like it will be awesome." Jordyn said, and we all agreed.
"All right then. Will and Kelly. Could you two get the mannequins?"

The Afterlife part 16

"You can't show emotion in battle." Todd scolded me after releasing me from his tackle. "That's your biggest weakness."
"Okay." I agreed.
"You are ready other than that though."
"Thank you."
"Now rest up. Tomorrow is a big day. Tell Jordyn and William to do the same."
I teleported back to my room, not even caring that Todd was standing there. He hates it when Will, Jordyn, or I use our abilities for leisure. This time it seemed that he didn't mind though.
In my room William was waiting for me. I knew he would be there. He was just sitting at my desk waiting.


I was going to share this with you guys earlier, but with all the spam I figured no one would see it. Now that the spam is gone, I will tell you.
About a week ago I broke my glasses, and need to get new ones. My parents said I could also get contacts though if I want to. What I decided was that I would get a trial run of contacts to see if I like them or not. So, as you can see the first picture is me with glasses, and the second picture is me without glasses. Regardless though I'm still getting a new pair of glasses, that's where the third picture comes in.

The Afterlife part 15

The next couple months continued as those first couple days had. Jordyn, William, and I continued to train. We all became the best of friends. In fact me and Will were an item.
My abilities were all in check. I could have my wings with a simple though, and so much more. I had control over all the elements, including the cosmos. That was only the beginning. Like Jordyn I could cause pain with a single word, and could teleport and hear like Will. All my senses were very acute, and not to forget I could read minds.
Todd says that is all great, but not enough.

The Afterlife part 14

"You look exhausted." William noted as I came to my bedroom. HE must have heard me trudging through the halls. "How'd it go?"
"Not bad. I've kind of mastered fire, and we started on water. Just really tired, and hungry." I explained.
"Well, how about I go get you some food. Then Jordyn wants to talk to you."
"Sounds good to me. Just come to my room with the food, and Jordyn. Kay?"
"Kay." He took off jogging to the kitchen.
I went into my room, and fell onto my bed. It was so comfortable when I was this tired.
You can't fall asleep yet. My thoughts reminded.
I rolled off the bed, and sat in

The Afterlife part 13

I closed my eyes, and started flipping back and forth through the picture of me without wings, and with wings.
Surprisingly enough, that worked better than I thought it would. It only took about a minute for me to feel their presence.
"Good." Todd praised me as he did the others. "Now, can you fly?"
I nodded, and he gestured for me to do so. I took off running, flapping my wings. The ground under my feet disappeared as I took off.
I circled back around to be above the three below me still standing on the ground looking up at me.

The Afterlife part 12

I had been awake for awhile now, but hadn't got out of bed to even opened my eyes yet.
I had that feeling of someone watching over me, but didn't think anything of it. After about five minutes with that feeling I decided to see if anyone was really there.
Will was just inches from my face.
"Morning." He whispered.
"Morning." I chuckled back.
"You've got ten minutes to get ready." He said backing away from my bed a few steps.
"Awesome." I said sarcastically.
Will left, and I dug through the cloths I'd got yesterday. I choose a plain electric blue t-shirt and grey jeans.
I was out in the