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I know that the band has broken up but please don't feel like something has died or this is the end. Just because a painter retired or died it wouldn't mean their work was gone too. If anything it would be more precious. I understand how you feel I thought MCR was the only thing I could lean on. Now they've broken up I can stand on my own and I didn't even realise I was strong enough. Sure it hurts and my metaphorical legs are a little shaky and sure I still need their music and old interviews to keep me strong, but I'm part of an army and this army will never die. We'll carry on.

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Thank you

When I was a kid I was the chubby quiet girl who used to sing to herself. Now I've joined a band; made a deep connection with my amazing and talented friends; found my smile and even been told I'm beautiful. I owe this to the moment a frightened little girl heard a band that made her burst into tears as soon as she listened to them and vowed to take control of her life. Now I'll give the finger to whatever scares me and I'll make my mark on the world even if it only scratches the surface. Thank you MCR now and forever from the kid who had no friends and a love for music. You were and still are my heroes.

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So... I'm new

Hello! I've never written one of these before but I'm gonna try (Even if this sucks). So I'm going back to school tomorrow and I'm really dreading it but I'll try to stay as happy as possible. My close friends are all part of the MCRmy as well so it could be worse.

I visit the site sooo much because I like to see the news about the band and I read a lot of the blogs on here too. You guys sound so nice and it would be cool if at least one person on here liked me. Anyway I think I'm gonna wrap my first blog up. Yay! Now I can spew this out into the world (I need to work on my word choice don't I?).

If anyone reads this you can have an internet hug from me Yasmeen :)