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Okay so, I'm writing a book on this online publishing site called Wattpad and if you guys wanna check out my stories and poems but be warned. I'm no finished with any of my books thanks to a huge dilemma known as writers block. However, my book "Demon Eyes," is finished and has been for a long time. Right now I'm just rewriting the chapters to make it better. If you wanna go check it out feel free to look me up.

username: SammieOfTheRose

OMG!!!! friends...

Okay, so its been like years since I've been on the MCR community and it really sucks. I forgot my password and finally remembered it. So, I'm back now and looking for some friends who are willing to talk to me about anything and everything; whether it be My Chemical Romance to what kind of socks you wear. I don't really have much to do these days, that and my life sucks so it would be cool if I did find a good friend.

edit of my previous post!

hope u guys like and plz comment

pic of me

idk im soooo ugly


okay heres the deal im raziel and ive had about three or four accounts all i accidentally forgot the password to and id love to gain all my friends back so if anyone would like to help friend me plz!