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TerminatinRebellion's blog

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Happy Heart...

What song makes you feel happy just before an exam?? For me, it'd have to be "NA NA NA"

The whole vibe of that song gets me psyched up, and my heart automatically turns happy :)

I know many people do say this, but honestly? One of the main reason i really love My Chem is that Gerard has a really beautiful voice and Frank, Ray and Mikey are reeeaaaallllyyyy awesome musicians!

They are the real stuff and they know how to rock!

They can do any song, and i'll fall in love with it!

keep rockin u guys!

Terminatin rebellion ( with the passive name, Tashi ;) )

Shot Shot To the KillJoys!

Hey There KillJoys!

My previous profile, Tashi, i cant deleat, but this is just me now!

Im busy writin my end of year exams now (y)!! and i hate the feeling i get just before i go into the exam room! i know that that room is gonna be:Dead quiet,
filled with anxiety,
And glaring teachers!

So, i just stalk off by myeslf, do some crash studyin,eat food ( 3 hr exmas make u huuungry ) and put on my favourite song my My Chem (' NA NA NA') and i just let go....