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Happy end of year and long time no see?

Wow...havn't been logged on for forever, i miss it.

And 'hey!'Killjoys, Lovers of MCR and all things good!

The last time i posted a blog and caught up with what MCR was up to, was a couple months ago! But low and behold, i am back! :P (grammar nazi's out there feel bad)

I missed the fanfiction, the pics and the chats, but mostly, i missed being connected to MCR.

What a year! Whoever said gr 11 wasnt easy, wasnt joking :/ Exams killed, projects killed, and the people sucked. How glad i am for holidays you do not believe :/

Have great news :D I am embarking on a world challenge next year and

CRazy as FluFf

woooaaahhhh...... so outa tune with this place now that its actually quite scary O-0

Damn school!!! have had TESTS every DAY since the beginning of Feb... whats wrong with this school? are they trying to give me a permanent headache or what??O-0

anywayzzzzz anybody know when MCR would like to grace SOUTH AMAZING AFRICA with their great presence? IM GETTTING OLLLDD! i am sure i will be over 50 by the time they come :'( but by then they would all be, um, dead... o-0

Every moment these days are like a 'what the fluff was that?!?' moment..


later Killjoyszzz


So much, i think im gonna die D:

Wow, school reallllly knows how to pile on the homework o-0


so i'll just think of the ball im going to tomorrow, listen to old rock songs and take lots of panado 0-o

:) :) :) :) :):) :D:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Damn im so excited for TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehem crazy excitement!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D:D !!!!!!! And i got my chain fixed, so double happiness!!!

Great days :)

Keep on runnin

My lil sisters BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy BIRTHDAY to the most amazing little sister in the world! 13 today :') She still a kid to me though :p

We'll Carrrry ooonnn, we'll carrrryy ooonnnn!

........we'lll carrrryyy onnnn.......doing english homework......... and history essays.......and afrikaans revision.......and an L.O project.... all for thiisss weeeeeek!!!! So i better carry on with them..damn school.

Now im singing linkin park :D

Who knows of any punk/rock shops in joburg???

Naw, my dog is so cuute :P

ohhhhhh, we're halllf wayyy thereee!!!! ( with homework dammit! )

So tough

cheers Killjoys :D


I really love how MCR has managed to let us release creativity into the world, where we dont have to be afraid of being judged:)

On this website no one knows who i am, so i can me:)
On this website we can keep in touch with MCR :D
Here is the biggest KillJoy family EVA where we all support one another :D

Here is like another home and its where we can meet the people we wsih we could meet in real life :)
Here is the home of the Killjoys, the Heads: Mikey, Gerard, Frank and Ray and the followers; all of us with our absolutly amazing Alter ego killjoys
Here is where we rock!

And without u is how i disappear


But first i gotta find u...



My amazing ringtone....

It used to be ' Comatose' by skillet :D but then i dropped my phone in the pool... so now its DEAD! by (of course) My Chemical ROMANNCE! :p

Right now im listening to Party Poison, hehe, its amzing 'aint no preacher gonna save me now...'

Maybe this year i wont have dreams of flying off the school roof which is crazy awesome high that i really wanna climb onto and have a tea party on it... hahahaha, yeah..

Thats crazy TerminatinRebellion baby ...

Mamma we all go to hell

A sin..

Would it? Be a sin?...

Leavin tomorrow..

Hey u guys down in zone 6 :)

Sorry i couldnt post a 'Doodle of the Day' today, cause i've been crazy sick and packing for my holiday and spent the whole afternoon sorting out my HUGE bead box... sheez.

I'm not gonna be on here for a while :( ( no internet )

sadly.. so, i'll see all u killjoys in January and a early Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from me to u guys! Enjoy it!
Keep on Rockin and Runnin'

~ TerminatinRebellion