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That sharp pain

I've just finished watching MCR live at the 2011 iTunes Festival. For some reason, I had the urge to watch them live again.
Back when I used to watch their live performances it would fill me with this sense of euphoria. This time however, when certain songs played, my chest hurt. Physically hurt. It was this pain caused by longing for this band to reunite, but knowing that if that were to ever happen it probably won't be anytime soon.
I've come so far since I first discovered My Chem, ten years ago this July, and I know I can survive without their constant presence, but I feel strongest when

A legacy isn't built on money.

It's not their fault, but I can't help but feel a little bit of hatred towards them.

If My Chemical Romance is over, then let it lie undisturbed in its grave. We don't need new merchandise, we don't need re-released albums - we didn't even need a Greatest Hits CD.

I feel like with each "new" thing that happens, it just draws out the pain we all felt back in 2013 when the announcement came out.

Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Ray may not have been the ones behind how the MCRX video was released or the changes to the website and social media accounts, but I'm sure they still carry enough authority

September 23: Let's walk head-on into this together.

Two years and two weeks, there-ish, after my last blog post, I sit here like a grown up doing grown up things - working a job for actual money, watching my engagement ring sparkle in the overhead fluorescent light, thinking about the rent and bills that need to be paid...

All it took was a single video to bring out my inner teenager. Dressed in black. Excited. Terrified.

Like everyone here, I don't know what will happen on September 23. It could be an anniversary celebration for The Black Parade or maybe My Chemical Romance did indeed fake its death and this is their rebirth.

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It's been more than a year since I posted on this site. It's not from a lack of post-worthy information or experiences, but rather a feeling of disconnect from this band and this fan base.

I've always felt like the MCRmy is one huge family, and it is, but lately it's as if I've moved overseas for a new job - struggling to keep up relationships because you're so far away.

I listen to at least one MCR song a day, and most of the time the Greatest Hits CD is playing in my car, but everything sort of washes over me. I'm listening, but I'm not hearing, so to speak.

This band has been part of my

Vote for MCR to win against The Flaming Lips!

It's that time of he year again My Chem fans! Time to vote for MCR in MTV's Musical March Madness. Let's show the world just how much of an Army we are.

Click the link below to vote:

Vote for MCR to win against The Flaming Lips!

It's that time of he year again My Chem fans! Time to vote for MCR in MTV's Musical March Madness. Let's show the world just how much of an Army we are.

Click the link below to vote:

I live in Bathurst - pity me!

Any other time of the year I love this place. It's beautiful, quiet... nice people - not much to do but I don't particular like doing much anyway.

The Bathurst 1000 is on this weekend. The BIGGEST car race in Australia! And the noise is insane!

The university I attend is quite literally next to the Mount Panorama (the track), and today they are doing - well I don't really know what they're doing - test laps or something. AND THEY STARTED AT 8 AM!!!

I'm going back to my parents house (3 hours away) to escape the noise for the weekend!

Help me with my assignment? Please!

I need a good quote to use for my university assignment asap. I'd really appreciate it!

All you need to do is answer this question in your own words. Be as honest as you can =)

'How does it make you feel when the media doesn't provide information on rock/punk/alternative/indie/metal music and those kinds of bands because it's not what's popular?'

Leave me your name (first name will do) and country too so I can attribute the quote to you. The only person who will see it is my lecturer.

Thank you!

I saw Yellowcard last night!

And they were awesome!

It was a really energetic performance and the crowd got really into it. They played a couple of tracks off their new record Southern Air, and played a few classics as well. And of course they saved Ocean Avenue for last! People demanded it at the end of every song, but you knew it was coming. You can't go to a Yellowcard performance and not hear Ocean Avenue. Ryan Key kept telling us how amazing a crowd we were too, and at one point he even stopped playing during an acoustic song just too tell us how good we sounded.