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its saturday!!!mcr soundtrip

its 1 o'clock in the afternoon here, just finished eating lunch,*i cooked it myself* its called afritada*delicious*

my nephews keep pestering me about whose the better pokemons,*like i care?*

gonna watch Legion later at the mall*is it any good?*

gonna hang out later with my friends, hope we get to see pretty girls*wink,wink*

mama playing at the background

great day ahead!

who else likes "early sunsets over monroeville"?

i think im the only one in our city that knows this song,,
i just love the lyrics, and the way gerard sings, so full of sadness and pleading, and emotions,,,
this song really completes my day=)

heres a photo of gerard at the video of i dont love you,(great song ,great video),,i like the expressiveness of his face,,,
MCR always perform great!

its 4:00 pm here,,its so freakn hot!listening to mcr, the black parade

its so sad that i dont have a photo of myself at the mcr concert here in manila a couple of years ago...ive always wanted to make a "photo everyday", kind of thing, but i dont have my own camera,,so sad.(i want a polaroid,but i dont even think they have it here at the philppines)..
anyways ive taken a picture of just about two weeks worth of my life...
i think it would be awesome to look at the photos after some years, or decades..

heres a photo from the view from my room,,its a freakin cathedral

and another photo of me and my friends getting drunk...happy days

mcr made me realize that black is gooooood!

im such a huge fan of mcr when i first saw their video for helena,,im like "i want to be pale too",
in my funeral i want helena to play at the backgroud, and i hope it rains..:)
my firstborn would be named gerard way, i dont care if its a girl,
when im a sophomore at college i painted my chucks with the mcr logo,
i'm from a catholic school, everyone thought im freakin emo,
well im not, i just appreciate goood music!