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I dreamt of mcr

Its been like two years since I posted here,been really busy,but I never forgot to check up on this site,, anyways,,like a couple of months ago,i dreamt that I was watching mcr at a concert,i was so near them that o could touch them,,i remember it very vividly,,gerard was holding a camera,,and was taking picturrs of the fans,and suddenly he gave ot to me,,,i was so happy,i cant believe at what happened,,,anywas I woke up and the feeling of happiness never left me,i had this kind of positive enrgy,,and that that dream will come true,, anyways,,i hope you guys never lose that positive

25 minutes to midnight!!

hello everybody!just a few minutes left in my 2010!hope we will all have another great year!

i started nothing, i wish i didnt...

my wish for christmas is a checkered or plaid raygun..
i hope to see the kill joys here in Asia next year...
*fingers crossed*

i said you better release me!!

hello killjoys!
its been a while since ive been here,,i missed all of you guys soo much,,
im so excited about danger Days, and im just wondering if, Party Poison and the gang are heading here , in Asia...
i want them here!
*evil laugh*


today is my birthday!!!wish you all a great day ahead!!!!
scream !do a little dance! eat candy!listen to mcr! wink at a cute chick! have fun!!!

sooo?just a question...

i live in a different time zone than most you guys,,,,

i would like to keep up with whats going on here in our community,,but i find it hard...

*just found out that there was a big fight*misunderstanding**

so its 3 o'clock in the afternoon here,,,

its soo freaking hot;;;;

anyone else whose from asia?or at least near the pacific?


scare the shit out of me...oh yeah...

well last night i had the weirdest dream,

in the dream i was putting in my contacts ,,and when i looked at the mirror there's something poking inside my right eye,,at the bottom part,,and i tried to pull it out and when i did ,,its MONEY!5 twenty pesos bills are inside my skull, poking out of the corner of my eyes,and it was folded like a square and there is a coin inside,,,

whats weirder is that in the dream,i didnt get shocked or scared and i just put the money in my pocket,,

i just had this feeling of relief all over my body after i took the money out....

i wonder what that dream's

i hope MCR is for eternity!

i hope their music will never die...

i hope that 50 years from now, ill still be able to listen to them,,and my grandkids will think their cool!!

i took this pics from the tv!*lol*

so? how's your day?

i've had a pretty normal day,,

i watched tv,,

my sister gave me her old cellphone because mine was crap.

made some mcr themes for my "new" phone,,

i had to do the grocery shopping....

listened to mcr...

and im really starting to like Razorlight,,*anyone else?*

i just ate dinner...gonna watch tv again later,,,

that pretty much sums up my day,,,how about yours?

hello world!its 8 am here,,and i think im gonna be a godfather!

so yesterday we hang out at the mall, played some video games and such,,,,*my friends are addicted to tekken6*

we took a break and then one friend said that he might have gotten a girl pregnant,(well he is like 22,but still studying and the girl is like 17 or something) because the girl's always texting him that shes having symptoms of pregnancy,,,

so we told him that he must make sure that the girls not fakin,,, he was so freaked out because its just a one night stand,..

we found out he didnt even use condoms because they were drunk*thats what you get*

so we helped him get a pregnancy test