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THE PLAN!!!!!!!!

i wanna show MCR how much we all love them. my idea is to do a cover with my band (The Occult) of the light behind your eyes, we need all the MCRmy photos we can get, i would like as many thing as you love of mcr on 1 picture, when you do tha send it to me and it will be on the video. that vedio will be put onto youtube and we needto ALL watch it to get gee, frank, mikey and ray's attention. i know the reason they split may be a escape plan but i wanna show them what they mean to the world.

send the pictures to me by twitter @felicitythefairy (follow me aswell)

THE PLAN!!!!!!!!!!

here it is! my idea to show out apreciation (i carnt spell) to MCR: my band (The Occult) will do a cover of light behind your eyes, you send me pictures of your loved MCR stuff, ill take them onto video and post it onto youtube then we ALL need to watch it and get lots and lots of views to get MCR attention. after that i will do 1 for black parade if all goes well for the first one. knowing this plan of gerard ways is probbly just a escape plan still stays in my mind but lets just do this! i wanna show MCR how many fans they actually got.