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Please go vote for MCR they are losing!! Maybe if they win we can show that we really care about them and they would come back!

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I guess it's official </3

Gerard made a whole thing about it and Mikey tweeted about it... It really is over.. One last time, Killjoys. Make some noise

MCR 2001-Forever

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There are some reasons this may not be true
1-I've heard on tumblr that they have had some troubles about the copyrights of their name: My Chemical Romance. I dont know the exact info but that's something.

2-I've heard Frank wasn't actually aware about what happened at all when they gave the news on their official page. Maybe they called him later so he won't say something that makes us think they didn't break up.

3- they probably said that because of their copyright problem. They had to "disappear" so fake a break up and then they'll come back with a different name OR the same MCR we all know and love but without any copyright problems.

4-They have made a whole new studio. They can't just drop that like garbage. They worked really hard for it.

5-Gerard talked with Matt Devine about MCR5, remember? They already have half of the album.

6-They haven't released their last work. They can't drop that too.

7-The tour page was acting screwy. Suspicious, huh?

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We love you

2001-2013 Ray, Mikey, Gerard, and Frank will always be apart of me. If it wasnt for them I would have never found so many other bands and started playing bass and guitar. They all truly inspired me and it is really sad to see you guys go :(. You will always be apart of me and the rest of the MCRMY.
So long and goodnight Mcr. So long and good night.
~Killjoy Detonator Dimension