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This Fucking Band

I love this fucking band. I love these four fucking men, whom i have never met in my entire life. Their music makes me go through so many emotions it would drive one insane. I never got to see them live, and now i never will. I heard them over a phone, while my cousin was at a concert. Other than that, it was on a long wish list of shit i wanted to do. Now that chance will never come. When i heard the news tonight, my cousin called me, and i was driving home. I wished it was fake and that someone had lied. Then i read it on here, i teared up a lot. This band has saved countless lives, and it's almost beyond any minuscule fan craze, that most people would accuse this of. MCR fans, are like family. We all love their songs like their apart of us, because in a weird way they are. These four men are the Leonardo Da Vinci's of the modern rock music. As rock music stood fighting the over-produced, pop culture, there MCR stood with it.

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The Oscars

So i don't know if there are any other nerds out there who watch this every year, but this year was special because Frankenweenie was up for best Animated Feature. While i knew it would most likely not win, it meant Tim Burton would be there so i watched like a Hawk. So when i saw him sitting behind Ms. Helen Hunt who was up for best supporting actress i screamed loudly and scared my grandma, but give me a break the man is my hero. Secondly the freaking Zombie Unicorn Apocalypse commercial with him was just the best freaking thing imaginable. Thought i would share this with you all, mainly because i'm excited as hell!

Toni DiGiacomo

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My opinion

With what i learned recently about Mikey Way, all i can say is that i am extremely disappointed in him. One of the main things i loved about the men in this band was the way they were all married and the fact that they loved and respected their wives. I'm not saying i love them any less, i am just saying i'm disappointed in what he did.

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Conventional Weapons

I have been pleasantly surprised by each release of the songs, although i expected nothing less then awesome from these magnificent men. However when i listened to Light Behind Your Eyes, i was in total awe. The first four songs have had the very distinctive MCR rock to it.This song was slow and beautifully made, like one of those songs where you just close your eyes and absorb the amazing melody and flowing words. Then The World Is Ugly was just as amazing, and was very close to the original demo. So i mainly am writing this just to gush about how amazing these two songs are, and with the fucked up week i have been having, they have found a new meaning in my life. Goodnight MCR friends, and congratulations on surviving 2012. Although pretty much all of us knew that we'd all be alive.

Love Toni

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Feels like forever....

I haven't been on here in forever! So my phone sends me text messages every time, Frank Iero decides to tweet. So i've been totally enjoying his tweets along with Gerard and Mikey's decision to start using twitter again. I've had a freaking fantastic life and have enjoyed every single moment of it. I really hope it keeps going this way because seriously it's amazing... I hope everyone else's lives are going good. I'm also loving conventional weapons and so far my favorite song is Boy Division. It's fu ck ing amazing! Anyway's before i completely start to awkwardly ramble... on and on and on, i'm going to bed because i have to work on black friday, and help people get tattoos in a timely manor. So goodnight/ or good morning all!



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My two favorite things XD

Somehow today my two favorite things were combined. My infinate love for Tim Burton and my complete adoration of Frank Iero. As a 100% Tim Burton fan and not just one that has seen one movie and thinks they are in love with him, i grew up on this mans creativity. I live it and breath it. he's helped form me into the person i am, coincidentally so has MCR and part of MCR is Frank. So when i woke up this morning to a text from twitter announcing the collaboration, i could not have been more excited. I've been following Frankenweening since i learned it would be coming out two years ago. I have seen the original short film shot in black and white, and seeing the pictures of the figurines used in the movie, all in a grey color scale, i was unbelievably exstatic. I love Tim Burton and I love Frank Iero and MCR so this news made my day.

P.S.... There's a Freshmen at my school (I'm a junior) That looks like Gerard Way!

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And then my cat decided to Lay on my face

This is how my cat feels about my computer and me

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Fuck Yeah!

Getting ready to go see Dark Shadows, i've been waiting for this movie for a year now!!! Can't wait to see what the amazing dou whipped up this time! And to the person that said i'm not a true MCR fan because i didn't lie to get Mikey Ways Bass.... Fuck you. That is all

Love toni!!!!

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To young to enter to win the Mustang Bass :( Only two years behind the age limit of 18. Dammit.

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Happy Birthday Gerard!

Happy birthday Mr. Way. Or In a couple hours.... Its ten here in New Mexico but i wanna go to bed so early b-day wishes. Anyways happy birthday to the guy who created a band that has helped save millions of lives. You taught me the phrase FTW and not to give a fu ck what people think. You are the soul reason why i think it’s awesome to be different. You’re amazing. And 35 years isn’t anything compared to the next 35 that are headed your way!