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Thank You MCR & My Daughters MCR Commencement Post

Tears flowing, tissues in hand...
My 19 y/o Daughter's MCR Commencement Post ♥

It breaks my heart to hear that the band that has improved my life in so many ways is breaking up. My Chemical Romance has been more than just music that I was obsessed with as a young teenage girl, and still have in my music itinerary today. They've not only been this for me, but for many others who have found solace and belonging through their music.
Though they don't actively play a major role in my life now, there were times that their music was the only thing that soothed me.

The Real Golden Rule

We all have heard of "The Golden Rule". Most think the rule is, "treat others as you would want to be treated yourself". Truth is, in my life's experience, and humble opinion, The Golden Rule is "treat others as THEY would want to be treated".

As a member of the MCRmy, and a moderator of the Chicago MCRmy, I and the other admins adhere to, as many MCRmy's across the globe, a sort of creed about our sharing of the band from the MCRmy pages.

My Cat Hijacked Conventional Weapons 1 & Hoping for an MCR TOUR


Since Onex is vicious I came to the MCR official page and out of curiosity went to the TOUR tab.
IT SAYS CHECK BACK FOR UPCOMING TOUR, WHAT DOES IT MEAN? RUMORS? Let's hope if we keep checking back that suddenly there are dates, places, and a NAME FOR THIS TOUR!
*looking at Onex and she's still claiming the package as hers*

With the release of Conventional Weapons a tour of small clubs like Chicago's legendary House of Blues would be epic. In the past it seemed a tour was announced just after an album drop.

Thank you My Chemical Romance for Rocking Rocktober Again!

Thank you My Chemical Romance for once again rocking October with the upcoming Conventional Weapons release. Just ordered mine on the official MCR webstore.

Last night there was electric energy across the globe with the leaking of Tomorrow's Money and Boy Division. October is the month we celebrate the release of The Black Parade. An epic memory of mine is the Chicago Q101, House of Blues show in October 2006, just days before TBP released.

A journey that I took with my then 12 year old daughter who's birthday is in October, along with mine.