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" When I grow up I want to be nothing at all! "

i just listen in loops to "the end"
i pretty sure that clause will came truth T_T
im Failure!!!
help me? cheer me? someone pls!

I have bad day!!! T_T

I failed in math test!
My head hurt, and I feel down :(
I even cry for no reason!
I hear now music non stop but I can't stop crying...
Someone can give me some tip how to feel better?

7 days!!!!!!

Conventional weapon:
7 days!!!
I can't wait!!!!

Don't murder the music!

(I'm sorry if my English wrong)
I relly LOVE music and how the words can say feeling! 
So I hear in my friend's iPod, radio, stors- a meaningless words in some songs I HATE THAT!!!
Songs made for express the feeling!!
And it make you feel better after you write them! 
So I guess this songs (the meaningless) made for mony only- so sad!!
It just murder the music!!!!

PS- MCR pls. Come to israel!!!!!!

Hallo! ;)

(I'm sorry if my English wrong)
My name is Ron (I'm girl)
because It my first post I'll tell you about me! (;
I'm 14 years old Ninth grade!
I love to sing, draw, hear music and write some stories :)
The meaning of my name is- song and joy (in Hebrew)
I have a brown hair and eyes 
Oh! And gess what! I love my chemical romance!!! ❤❤