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Billy Corgan claiming Gerard as his son XD

We were just talking about this and I thought I should post it ;)

Is it bad that I laugh when Ray gets hit in the video? lol XD

I bursted out laughing and then I was like "aww, poor Ray, he always gets hit!...but that was damn funny, hahaha!"
Funny thing is that there's this video on youtube of panic at the disco being bottled and the singer gets hit with a glass bottle. The guy who uploaded was laughing at it and I was like "man, you can hate that band, but it's a fuckin glass bottle, let me break one of those on your head and let's see how much you laugh before you go down". And here I am, laughing at Ray for the same reason XD I'm an hypocrite, hahaha

ps: guess I don't have to explain this is all a joke.

Best superheros ever, best cartoon opening ever

What a kick ass theme. Oh, the memories! I'm really sorry for the younger ones in the forum who couldn't enjoy this, you would have loved it guys ;)

Embrace change!

I find it so weird when some fans want music to stay the same as it was years ago, cause I think the thing I respect the most in a band is the desire to change and be creative and explore new sounds and concepts. It takes a lot of guts to try something new when you know you can stay in the same musical place that worked for you in the past. Seriously, when I'm a fan of a band, I rather hear something weird but original and fresh than a copy of what they've done in the past.

Making the same music only means
A- That you aren't creative enough to come up with something different
B- That you

Your Killjoy's song

So, we've chosen names, costumes... why not a song?
Write the name of your Killjoy character and which song would represent him/her (and post the link of the song/music video so we can listen to it)

I chose Zerospace by Kidneythieves for my character, Agent Sweet Destroya

Does anyone remember this or am I too old? lol

Totally off-topic and childish, but since we're so colorful this days I was wondering if the older ones remember Rainbow Brite. I used to love it when I was a little child.

ps: for the ones who are making killjoys costumes, they have color t-shirts for $2.95 each, lol. Just wait until MCR bring color back and those prices will go up XD

I've finally decided my killjoy name

Agent Sweet Destroya, that's it. Thanks to everyone who helped me decide ;)

Help! (again XD)

So, about my killjoy name. I first thought of Miss Dee Stroya, then DeMoLiTiOnLoVeR97 very kindly suggested Sweet Baby Destroya and I think that I've finally made up my mind:

Sweet Destroya

My question is: should I leave it just like that, or add something like Agent Sweet Destroya or something like that?

I'm against it! =P

Dunno if someone else posted it yet, but here's what you listen on KLSK ;)


I'm having a Killjoy identity crisis XD
I thought I would stick to Miss Dee Stroya, but now I came up with Dyskrasia Destroya and I'm not sure which one to choose. Opinions?