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Planetary (GO!) little missunderstanding

rofl, instead of "we're taking back control", the first time I heard it I though it said "we're taking birth control", hahaha!

Is it me, or Mikey runs in a funny way?

Totally pointless blog, but I watched him running in Sing video, then remembered how he ran in The Ghost of You, and I chuckle every time I see it. He moves like he's running over broken glass or something, hehe.

Favourite songs in the album starting now!

To me, S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W and DESTROYA.

Go ahead, kill me for this

So, about the Gerard and the drinking thing.
Honestly, I agree that he is a grown up man and he knows better than anyone what is good or bad for him, and what things he can and can't control. It didn't bother me that much the fact that he ocassionaly has a drink.
What did bother me was his words.

Quote: ""[Sobriety] became such a thing," he says. "It was so goddamn important to everyone but me. You start to feel like the two guys in the Smiths who wanted to eat cheeseburgers but had to pretend not to.

Watching Bon Jovi via YouTube

Love this guys. I'm trying to get them to play Something To Believe In.
Wish me luck, hehe :)


It's an old video from the times when the band was attacked by the press, but it still has a lot of meaning.

MCR's encouraging era :)

Let's put aside the changes in the music. Don't you feel that My Chem is more encouraging than ever? Like their messages are screaming "Get the f&ck up and change the world"?
Just watching at the trailers and paying attention to the lyrics gives me that awsome vibe.
"Art is the weapon"
"The aftermath is secondary"
"Do it now and do it loud"
"Destroy something perfect in order to make it beautiful"

I don't know if this is or not MCR's best musical era, but when it comes to the message their giving, I feel this is the best MCR ever :)

I'm fed up

It's official. WMG and YouTube want my account banned cause I've used MCR songs in some of my videos. It seems that they don't like the fact that I support one of their bands, that I translate songs so the spanish fans can understand the lyrics, that I express myself making music videos or that art is the weapon. They don't give a shit, all they think is that someone is gonna steal a song from a video. Grow up, assholes, noone does that. There are thousands of places where people can download a song illegally in seconds, noone takes the time to download a video and then rip the song out.

TOHFMIY question (help! good ears needed)

So, I'm trying to translate the lyrics but I'm not quite sure of what I listen, so I need all the ears possible to help me out ;)

Question 1: In the begining, is it "where will WE stand" or "where will YOU stand"?
Question 2: Chorus: "If THERE'S A PLACE that I could be", "if THERE'S A PERSON I could be" or "if THAT'S THE BEST that I could be"?
And question 3: "What if we learned of all the people burned in purifying flame", "what if we learn, all of the people burn in purifying flame", or what?

Opinions please? I'll really apreciate them ;)

One of my favourite bands ever

I don't think I'll ever stop supporting this band. Long live The Rasmus :)