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First time trying to draw someone

And I suck, lol, but I gave it a try. It's not that good but I did it with love. So I hope Ray won't mind he doesn't look as handsome in my drawing.

edit: I've just realized I made one eye smaller than the other one and half lip bigger than the other half XD I'm so sorry Ray, that's as good as my drawing skills get.

Feeling kinda angry

How much do you guys usually pay for concert tickets of average bands?

You see, Paramore is coming to Argentina for the first time. Yes, they finally come here now that the band lost two original members and things seem to be falling apart. That shit always happens to us, bands come here when they are tired of touring (My Chem came right before their long break, they were feeling totally miserable at that point after years of touring), or breaking up, or going down the hill.

I wasn't even going to buy tickets for Paramore, I'm not much into the band anymore, but I looked for the ticket

Why? Just why? lol

Most of us may agree that Helena is an awsome song and video. Now: why the hell every day there's at least one person uploading the video on youtube? There are already like a thousand Helena videos, I mean, the same video, why do people keep uploading it instead of watching it? lol, sorry, but I had to say it. If we counted the views to all those vids and add it to the one posted by mcr's channel Helena would have more views than Bad Romance XD

Helena acoustic :')

thanks to whoever recorded and uploaded this, it's beautiful

A Bad Dream

Yesterday I found out this song I like so much is about war. It has a whole new and deeper sense now.

"Baby I'm a man, I was born to hate"
Damn, what a horrible truth.

The whole Killjoys thing

So here is the thing. I love the story of the killjoys, I think it adds an interesting idea to the record, it's fun, it's fresh, and it makes me listen to the album and making up killjoys stories in my mind while I listen to the songs. I even chose a killjoy name myself. I love it.

Now, some people is paying waaaaaaaay too much attention to it and reducing the meaning of the songs exclusively to the killjoys story, and it kinda pisses me off, cause there are lots of beautiful ideas that come out of the songs if you just listen to it outside the context of the desert and bli and ray guns.

Worst nightmare in a long time

Yesterday I dreamed that Gerard had died in a car accident. The worst thing is that in the dream I said 'I hope I'm dreaming, this can't be true', so I wanted to wake up, but didn't, everyone on the internet was talking about it and everything seemed so real that I just told myself 'You're not going to wake up, this isn't a dream, he really died'. And my mum came and I started crying and telling her 'I know it's weird to cry over someone I've never met, but I've listened to their music for so many years, I looked up to him, he was an inspiration'.

And finally, I woke up.

One of my favourite songs ever

It's hard not to cry at this one :,)


The "look at that nipple" makes me burst out laughing XD

Frank Iero is innocent

I just signed this petition: against this other petition:

This was my signature: "Why don't you also blame Romeo and Juliet for inciting to teenage suicide? Frank is only speaking about a social fact: kids get bullied, and feel like that sometimes. Go and talk to kids and help them out instead of making violent petitions to avoid violence."

Go and say something too if you feel like it. Not that it's totally necessary, Frank is smart enough to defend himself.