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I didn't do this, but I'm posting it cause it's pretty funny ;)

Important information if you're feeling suicidal or someone close to you is

Hi. After what happened yesterday night (a girl in this forum left a goodbye post, if you know what I mean), I've realized how many people in here are going through deep depression and suicidal thoughts. I haven't went though it myself, but my two brothers have been there (deep depressions and fearing they were going to die) and I have to tell you all that it's not something permanent, but temporary, and you can make it through as they made it.

If you feel alone and suicidal, please don't do anything yet, but go here and read instead:

If someone close to you

Let's see if you guys like it

Not perfect, but it's kinda interesting. Since I love Destroya and X-Men, I brought them together (well, just Mystique from X-Men) into this fan made music video. Tell me what you think about it ;)

Will you all please say a prayer for 'nightmares'?

Hi. Yesterday night one of the girls in this forum left a goodbye message basically saying she couldn't stand the pain in her life anymore. She hasn't answered the comments in her post, neither my messages. Her name is Gaby aka nightmares. I kindly ask you all to say a prayer for her, or keep her in your thoughts if you are atheist.

Nightmares, if you're still here, please send a message or let us know in some way. You have a family in us and we will be here for you.

And for everyone who is feeling depressed or suicidal at the moment, I tell you to have faith and stay strong.

Dear Nightmares

Just watch this and reconsider things. There's too many people here worrying about you and ready to help you. Give yourself a chance to have a different, happier life.

Whoever did this is brilliant

Pure talent, I believe :)

Scars on everyone from teenage chains
Is it weird that...

... I'm suddenly listening to songs by Backstreet Boys I used to listen when I was like 10 or 11 years old? rofl, how did that sweet little girl went from 'Everybodyyyyyy, rock your bodyyyy.....' to 'Destroya! Destroya! Destroyaaaaaa!!!!!!!!', hahaha! oh, 12 years can make a huge difference in a person...

UPDATE: Still listening to BSB while I write this, and I moved from popular singles to songs I remember liking when I got their first casette (cause I didn't even have cds back then!!). I'm starting to wonder if a draculoid has washed my brain and I hadn't noticed, lol

My S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W cover

Aparently I suck at singing this (someone told me my singing made him/her laugh, lol), so I tried playing it on my keyboard. I haven't played for an year or so, so yeah, it's not perfect, but for 2 mornings of practice it could be worse ;)

ps: I really don't know where those birds in the end came from, but I think they added a pretty nice touch, hehe

I've just realized something

I don't give a damn about Frank or Gerard's hair. But I was thinking about next video and I thought that:
A) They already shoot the next video before cutting their hair, so the killjoys won't look different.
or B) The next video will have some kind of reborn killjoys (at least half of them) after they got shot in Sing.

Meaningless thought, but well, this happens when I got too much free time =P