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Most adorable smile ever

0:56. Right there, and I can't help smiling along with him. Childhood dream accomplished, Ray! So proud of you :)

Gerard and the Uncle TT


lol, started with one hater, now two

Guess my night's getting insteresting. Got into an argument with a "metalhead" saying MCR is shit and the asshole just won't accept I'm not going to give in to his nonsense arguments about the band. Now another one joined him against me. They don't know who they're messing with, lol, I may be the nice girl most of times but I'm a bitch when it comes to arguing, it's not over til I finish with you XD
I'm fuckin tired of haters, all they do is judge the band for one song they heard overplaying on the radio and all their arguments are "oh, you're an emo fag, go and cry". It's hilarious, they

Some beautiful singing by Gerard

KB-Hallen March 15th 2011 (video isn't mine, uploaded by monababy91 on youtube)

Another mash up made by me

Quality isn't great, couldn't find perfect instrumental and acapella, but it's still decent ;)

Ray is beautiful

As beautiful as everyone else in My Chem. I think it's an obvious statement, but it's just a reminder to the few people who may have not noticed that yet.

Mash up

A remake of Paramore's Crushcrushcrush to MCR's Helena. Check it out, you could like it ;)

lol, I was just like this back in school

Except that I'm a girl XD

Extremely happy

nightmares is alive, and she is ok at the moment.
I think our prayers helped her to stay alive, mcrmy.
What have I learnt? Never lose hope.
I feel I've just lived a miracle. Thanks God for that.