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no friends here....

So ive noticed i talk to some people here. Yet i have no friends.... This is kinda sad....

This is my baby! ahahah
2 of my favorite band mashup up together by me the beatles ans my chemical romance!

check it out and drop a line!

Download here:

Oye, Me Enamoras! a Spanish Mashup For My Latinos Out there!!!!!!

Spanish Rock n Roll!!!!
I see djs that mashup there music from music of there heritage!

So i figured that i should too!!!!

Check it out and drop a line!
Download here:

Hungry 4 Teenagers My Chem, Duran Duran, and Gorillaz Mashup!!!!

This is a remake with the actual My Chem!

CHeck it out and drop a line!

Download here:

The Letters End Green Day and My Chemical Romance

I felt these two song went together well.

Check it out and drop a line.

download here:

Jack and Sally Mashup! With a lil part of my chem!!!

I Did This For My Gf!!
And im sharing!!!
Check out and drop a line!

Heres a Download:

Sing Us A Song Version 3

Check it out......

Please drop down a line as well

Sing! Us a Song!!!
The Letters End