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Song used My Chemical Romance: Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
Footage Collected by Michael Ramos and Harvey!

Hey mcr community!

So does anyone have a soundcloud? Pl check out my stuff and follow + share!!!! Plz plz plz!!!!!

Check out this track I made!
The Romance's Reptilia [My Chemical Romance vs. The Strokes] by SurfRaTT-Mashups!

Thank you everyone so much!

I just want to thank everyone who follows me on sound loud and shared my mashups I do! It means a lot to me and thanks for all the positive thoughts and comments you all leave me!

Anybody Remember Tommy From Power Rangers?

Check out this historic video i made based on one of my idols!

Anybody Remember Tommy From Power Rangers?

Check out this historic video i made based on one of my idols!

Whats up killjoys

so i havent been able too sleep latly... which is bad because my eyes hurt.... so ive made a few videos on my youtube page... lol and now im here wondering whats up with everyone!?

This is for WWMMB!

This is my second mashup with My Chemical Romance and Green Day

Check it out! and Download at :

For more videos check it out here:

This is for WWMMB!

Check it out guys i have more on my youtube page and on soundclouds! you can listen and download!


Challenge accepted!

We represent an army! We are fans of a great band that lives on in our hearts! and we are the future of it! we have the best music and that makes us the best!

WHAT DO YOU AS A BEAUTIFUL MEMBER OF THE FAMILY LOVE ABOUT IT?? I love to come on and see people post news and stuff i haven't seen or heard before! i love seeing especially the positive attitude of people and things. This is a nice way of meeting people around the world and discovering how much we have in common. I just wish that notifications worked when people leave comments!

My Short Film "The Power Out!"

So i did this for a contest! i didnt win but i have a nice video to show! :D
This was short film written and directed by Carlos Castellanos and Marisol Ceja.

The power goes out at home and two kids make their own television show and embark on a big adventure!

Watch Jasmine and Luisito's imagination expand as they make their own shows!

This was made for the SpongeBob Square Shorts!