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Does your shadow live on without you?

You know, I'm kind of upset about this sudden break up notice. I feel for all those fans who never got to see them live.

I first fell in love with MCR in February of 2011 and then less than two month later I was 3rd row at the Vancouver Center for Performing Arts wait to watch them. It was the fastest I'd ever fallen for a band and man I never imagined I'd hit the ground.

Tonight, I am remembering the very first moment I heard them live and I've posted a link to that concert below.

I think the greatest moment I ever had with MCR was during a live performance of Planetary (GO!) at Rogers

Confusion to the 8th degree

Been a while since I last posted here but I think with all this fuss that's been spreading over the inter-link, I'd been make my 2 cents heard.

What goes on in the personal life of anyone, whether it's Mikey, Frank, Gerard, or Ray, is none of my business or anyone else for that matter.

Famous words of wisdom: "It's not over till it's over." Chew on that while you watch this sh*t storm settle.

911 remembered

Just remember what it took to get MCR up and going for real.

Come at me bro

A year ago yesterday, I was standing in Rogers Arena, Vancouver BC, with 16000 other Blink-182, MCR, Rancid, and Against Me! fans.

It was the second to last performance for Micheal Pedicone.

It was the day after I accidentally ran into Gerard Way in one of my favorite Used clothing stores on Granville Street, Vancouver, BC.

There's a lot of golden memories here and I cherish each and everyone of them.

Long live the Danger Days!

But also,

Welcome the future of MCR5!

Meowingtons is one badass kitty

Check it, MCRmy!


New MCR logo reminds me of the dooms day clock but this time it's right on midnight. Groovy.

behind the scenes of Professional Griefers

Neat little look at the work that went into the video for Professional Griefers


So.... I was on Epiphone today and look what I found!

They released a special Frank Iero Green Wilshire Phant-O-Matic with authentication and cool photo. I feel kind of jiped on mine now. FML.

old NJ punks

So a strange thing happened in my little Canadian city of Kelowna tonight. An old New Jersey horror post punk band called 'Electric Frankenstein' played in a shitty taco bar. Classic $10 cover to see a band that rose with the same likes of The Misfits in the 90s.

These guys would have been foundation level for the Jersey punk scene during the 90s and into the 2000s. These guys would have been playing in those shitty dives at the shows that inspired our good friends MCR.

It was kind of an honor to see these old guys just play their hearts out.


Recently, a band that I follow from Hollywood called 'Awaken the Empire' had their van and gear stolen. You can check out their music here:


Check out their home site:

This is the post they made on Facebook:



Our van was stolen along with our gear and (no joke) everything we own in San Antonio, Texas. Currently we are left with nothing but the clothes on our backs (And phones thankfully). We would like to attempt to continue the tour but we need your help.