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[x] Must sleep with two pillows

[ ] Sleep with window open

[x] Place hands under cheek or under pillow

[x ] Sleep with a nightlight

[ ] Sleep with mouth open

[ ] Susperstitious about waking up and seeing a ghost by your bed

[x] On stormy nights you sleep under your blankets
Total: 4
[x] Chew with mouth closed

[x] Like to try new foods

[ ] Vegetarian/Vegan

[ ] Don't like sharing food with others

[x] Prefer fruit over vegetables

[x] Don't like using fingers

[ ] Use napkins as bibs
Total: 4
[x] Drink tea, coffee or hot chocolate


Anyone remember Crabbe from Harry Potter???

Yeah,well...uh i guess this is what he has been up to lately.


So today I thought that I would quickly learn a new song on the guitar, so i took my computer dowstairs and started to learn the song. Every once in a while I would stop the song and make sure I was playing it right and everything, but the one time when I lifted my head up my necklace got caught on the guitar and chipped the guitar and bent the necklace! My parents are not going to be very happy with me:/ Ohhhh well.

R.I.P Mikey Welsh

He was only 40:(


Here we come!


New Blink182 album out today!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!!!!!

Frank singing<3

So I dont know when this was cause i just found it, but its like amazing:D

20 years ago today

Nirvina released "Nervermind" a truly great cd. I miss Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl's drummung with all my heart<3

Yesterday was amazing!!!!!!!!

Yesterday i saw mcr and blink 182 and they were like i said amazingggggg!!!!!! It was everything i thought it was going to be and more! Thanks to matt and kim, my chemical romance, and blink 182 for putting on the must amazing show ever, i will never forget my first time seeing either of them!!!!!

Honda civic baby!!!!!

In less then 9 hours!!!!!!! Oh my god!!!!! Hahaha in case you couldnt tell im very very excited, i do have a question for someone that has already been to a show, i wanna bring a purse but im kinda afrain ill lose it, what did you do? Anyway im dying to get there!