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update....kinda.....and some questions!

Some first off im going to ask my question, can anyone tell me a little more about Delaware College of Art and Design? If you are a student there or maybe you know someone that goes there, it would be really helpful:D Alright now for the i said, kind of. So i just recently broke into the bag of lemon drops that i got on halloween trick-or-treating, yes lemon drops......i made someone else eat one before me ,cause ya know........who gives out a bag of lemon drops? Haha anywayyy, today i saw this one teacher that looked ALOT like Mark Hoppus!

school.... :/

So today we got this artist research assignment in art, right of the way I got all excited thinking I could write about one of my favorite artists like Gerard Way or Lynz Way or Frances Bean Cobain. But of course I was wrong.......we all have to research the same freaking guy, Thomas Eakins. Now who knows he could be an amazing artist, I have not started the project yet.....but I mean come on.......waita ruin my excitment D:

My hair!!!!, im about to dye my hair again, this time blonde and purple:D

Happy Ieroween!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween, but more importantly.................HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK IERO!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all hope you have a great birthday!

Frank lied about the album....ohh well we will just have to wait

ohh and....... Gerard's black hair is back. lol:D


I just summited my drawing! ps thanks to everyone who answered my question!

I have a question!

Okayy so my question is for all those who are entering the jaket contest, or anyone who just wants to help me out. So if i want to put words on the back of my jacket should i draw the whole jacket from the back or just write out the words that i would put on the back? Your advice would be great!

Im working!

Haha yupp I am working on my killjoy jacket:D

Stolen......once again

put your ipod on shuffle name the first ten songs that come up :D

1.Give’ Em Hell Kid- My Chemical Romance <3
2.Big LongNow-Nirvana
3. The War-Angles and Airwaves
4.Red Rain-The White Stripes
5. Pulling Teeth-Green Day
6. Kings and Queens-30 Seconds to Mars
7. First Date-Blink-182

8. You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison-My Chemical Romance
9. Lets Kill Tonight-Panic! At the Disco
10. Liar-Sex Pistols

When was the last time you heard number 8?

hmmmm…..about a day ago

How long have you liked the artist number 2 for?

for a few years. I love Nirvana:D

What’s your favorite music

Does someone please what to explain this to me.....

What is this whole thing with sending a text to the transmissions????