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This is truly amazing

Yupp so this was my twitter pic but I changed it, so yeah I thought it was time to change my profile pic on here. Yeah, my hair is purple and blue.....not for long though im going to dye it blonde and teal next xD


Oh lord, I have not been on here in for ever. Wellp now that im back how have you all been? Yeah Juliet Simms didnt win the Voice last nigh:( At least the rest of the world is now aware of her voice, which just so happend to sound like a god;p


Craig Owens is back in Chiodos! Its exciting:p


Ahhh! Yeah I know it was yesterday but I wasnt on here then, but yeah, Happy (belated) Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Spring break mannn!

First of all today is my first day of spring break, i also now have blue and purple hairrr XD I am also super excited cause i might get to see The Black Keys next month:p Ohh and i can not stop listening to The Used's album Vunerable.....sooo noww I have to go pack to go to New Jersey on Thursdayy. Loll how is everyone else's day?


First of all The Used new album came out today so i can't wait to get that!Then i find out that they are going to be at the first half of warped tour! FML, i cant go!

ummm.......what happens now?

This would happen as soon as everyone starts to hear about Kony 2012..........

fuck yeah juliet simms!

Anyone else watch the voice last night? Of course juliet rocked it and won!

Kony 2012

Watch and share.