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I sorta just don't know how to feel...

Its such a weird feeling, I mean we all know it had to happen sometime, just not this soon....its so weird to think that this band that has literaly saved lives it just..over. I mean of course every single mcr song will live on forever and probably continue to save lives, all the guys will probably all go on to new and amazing things, but...its just weird to think nothing new will ever happen again for the band my chemical romance, our band.

tumblrrr questions

I stole these questions from tumblr, you should follow me if you have one, and answer these questions then pass them on c:

1.would you have sex with the last person you text messaged? Yes<3 talked to an ex boy today, correct? nooo
3.have you taken someone’s virginity? nope trust a big issue for you? huge
5.did you hang out with the person you like recently? yupp
6.what are you excited for? Friday c:
7.what happened tonight? Its only 4:25 you think its disgusting when girls get really wasted? Nope, I enjoy it.. confidence cute? yes
10.what is


It has seriously been FOREVER since I posted something here! It makes me sad cause I miss seeing what has been going on with you guys!! So first of all Merry late Christmas and happy holidays. It is almost the new year. I am actually very excited for 2013. The end of 2012 has been going so well for me. I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world, I am so in love with him and I just wanna be with him forever. I have alot to do for school coming up.


1) Height?

2) Virgin?

3) Shoe size?

4) Sexual orientation?
Straight, but I would so go lesbian for taylor momson or hayley williams. lol, who wouldn't?

5) Do you smoke?

6) Do you drink?
I have before

7) Do you take drugs?

8) Age you get mistaken for?
Like 10 :l

9) Have tattoos?

10) Want tattoos?
yes, alot:)

11) Have piercings?

12) Want piercings?
yupp, alot more

13) Best friend?

14) Relationship status?
ehhhh.....single.....ish. He hasn't exactly asked me the big question yet.

15) Biggest turn ons?
Making me laugh, playing music, nice teeth, beautiful eyes c:


My grandpa was taken to the hospital about an hour ago by ambulance. That was really scary seeing him being put in the back of the ambulance on a strecher. I hated that. Have any you ever seen that? Your lucky if you have not, its terrible to watch. My dad told me to stay home to take care of our puppies, everyone else was already at work and my grandma went to the hospital. I hate hospitals, docters, and feelings. I never cry in front of people, I always hide it.


So I did my hair a little different today, I teased it like normal but the I pinned the sides back so because I pinned the sides back you could see my ears. I swear to god about six people came up to me and asked if they could touch my gauges. Yes you heard me right.......they wanted to touch them. So I am only at size six right now but a buch of people would not stop quizing me about my own ears.


So I pretty much always end up giving my blogs really shitty titles.....its cause unless it is somthing important i just dont know what to call them...hmmm. Well school starts monday for me:( Yeah i am not looking forward to it, I pretty much hate school cause after the first week or so and you have seen all your friends it gets back to normal sucky school. Its not like I have a hard time socially in school, I have my group of like 4 friends its just I hate learning......haha i much rather be playing guitar and doing what I want to do instead of sitting in class.

Happy MCR Day!

Thank you My Chemical Romance for doing what you do and making music together that inspires all of us!

I just can't handle this.

The heat......ehhh its so damn hot out, its almost 100 where I live:/ Blahhh I really wish I had a pool right now. On the bright side I got my next size gauges yesterday, glow-in-the dark xD

So. I cut all my hair off xD

Yupp I cut it pretty much all off and got rid of the blue and dyed it blonde instead. My head feels ten pounds lighter. lol