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Artwork. <3

I used to sing in a band called " This Ambulance; Our Hearse. "

These drawings are my physical memory of the three years we spent together making songs that could bring us to tears, drive us slightly mad, make us fall in Love.. It was rough as Hell sometimes, but hey.. Life's no bed of Roses unless it comes with thorns. ♥

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Reverends and Vampires.

Someone has decided in person tonight in public, to deliberately insult my belief in Vampirism. While I would usually find myself briefly offended, I can't here. It would be unfair. Hollywood and myths portrayed Vampires to be almost Demonic creatures, able to physically live forever young, and feeding off of the blood of innocents.

That's where so many people are wrong, though. xD

My Belief, one endeared by a surprising many nowadays, is that real Vampires are human beings with unusual abilities and senses. Rather than " sucking your blood ", they feed off of Energy that comes from naturally occurring things such as emotions, actions, weather, etc. In general, the idea of what makes anyone a true Monster is whether they choose to feed off of Negative or Positive energies. They do not sparkle, nor do they fight werewolves.. Although that did make for one Hell of a series in the movies, to be fair. c;

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Reblog - Post a Picture & Describe what it symbolizes.

That's me, Hayley. As far as a Description..

In my opinion, it symbolizes being proud
of who you are despite the flaws in appearance
or attitude in which others find reason to ridicule.
I'm no Model, but I refuse to let others verbally
harass me because I'm not their definition of " perfect ".
This picture is a sign, of Strength, Courage, & Honesty.

Re-post this blog with a picture and description of what YOU symbolize.

~ The Summertime Killjoy ~

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Good Morning.. Oh, Afternoon. My apologies.

If I had any actual reason to wake up in the morning, I'm sure I'd be typing this well before 12:47 in the afternoon. I promise if you read this, you'll love it at the end. c:

Honestly, I have no job, and haven't gotten to do any college studies, so my life is quite bland besides the strange yet welcoming joy and beauty I find in Nature. It's a slightly overcast day with small slivers of orange-blue skies peering through the quickly-paced clouds. The air smells of fresh rain brewing.. Likely a thunder and lightning storm. If you're wondering, by the way, why I am not working or in College, here's the scoop. I don't come from a wealthy Family, but I couldn't be happier with them. They are a part of the reason I am who I've become. I'm waiting on a jaw surgery; Non-cosmetic, meaning it's necessary for me to get this. Being that it's a mandatory procedure, my insurance covers it, but guess what..?

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No more misery for me, boy.

A simple blog tonight, about People, Reaching Out, & Preventing Tragedies.


Imagine, for one moment, you are a teenager. (I'm not so.. yeah.)

Acne. Glasses. Braces. Ethnicity. Clique. Income Margin. Neighborhood. Hair/Eye Color. Taste in Music. Deformity. Disease. Mental Illness. Handicap. Accent. General Appearance. Interests.

All kinds of people are bullied, tortured, harmed and other forms of harassment every day. Most of those people go without being stood up for by their peers. THIS is the reason why no Change is happening in the World.. in our Communities.. in our Homes.. Classrooms.. Because nobody stands up for anyone else. No matter who you are, what you've been through, or what mistakes you've made, EVERYONE deserves to be given help when they need it; Some much more than others. 9 times out of 10, Shootings and Public Tragedies are committed by broken souls. People who lash out because they've had things very hard with little or no sympathy or aid.