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the black parade is dead!

hey u mcr'rs, what do you think of this dvd, on a rating of 1-10, 10 being mind blowing, what is it? and if you please a personal summary of what it shows and is :)


i-pod nano gen 5 or i-touch 3gs or normal i-touch? cause i know guys like music hence u being on this site, haha


i took a peach off the cake, my cousin took one, he took another one and got yelled at and got really upset and left the room. because he got upset the adults my mother maily felt she had to makefun of me i guess? i dont know, she saying it was my fault he took one and saying he followed his older cousins actions, hes 11 he should freakin know what to do himself. but it reall bothered me, just because someones sad lets cheer them up by making fun of someone else. i felt like crying but i refused to. has something like this happened to you?

something on my mind. its long but interesting i guess..

its a story thats real, you dont have to read, its about my dead grandpa, it makes me cry if think too much. just need to get it off my chest and idk share it:-). my dad and his brother along with a bunch of other friends played a game, (one person would be up on the hill while all the others would hide in a tomatoe garden.

unimportants little poll

CD'S, buy in the store, in your hands, or online, i-tunes(or some other digital way?


i love how i know things before my mom whos up-to-date by watching the news, i stay ahead of her because u guys post awesome news:) i love the mcr community


me and my friend began to make ball jokes after gym where we played with soccer balls, show me what jokeu can come up with. soory if this is immature or something i mean no harm.


i made my friend a mcr cd and she gave me feedback. she loved skylines and turnstiles she said it really pumped her up and made her excited and i was so ahppy, so i told her the whole story bout it and she said it (the cd) wasnt as bad as she though it was goona be (idk what she was thinkin...) but w/e:)


i was watchin vid on youtube where gerard tells stories:) i laughed


who wants to suggest books to me, fiction preferable:D wheeee books!