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who thinks birthday card are annoying, when i get them i feel bad about throwing them away and when i give them i just fill them with a bunch of crap, in all honesty. this is my opinions, share yours if you agree or disagree :D

4 vegetarians

any of you have suggestions on foods i should eat to get things like protien and iron etc? like what tastes good, haha


i must have like 3 blogs labels bored, haha, im so bored im tlking to myself and narrating this blog, aint that sad, i know right? anyway hope tomorrow is better i think so my friend and i might get to gether and have a partay, no not a real one just a good time, golly gee whiz mister mrbightside !

rick rolled by dunkin dounuts

the song came on while i was in DD with my parents, they started singing along and i had to explain what rick rolling was to my mom. haha

fuck itunes

it wont let my sync, im missing videos and songs, and it wont tell me how to get them back or sync, or how to get freakin help, screw itunes i hope they fail in the future

help with itunes

im missing some important things, mcr vids and some other stuff (i think) i know theres a place where u type in ure password or something an you get everything u paid for back in ure libaray, does anyone know where that is? thanks! and if u know something bout previous blog (please look) answer :)

please answer if u know anything!

my new ipod i got a few min ago wont sync to my computer, it doesnt show up in tunes or in my computer, if u can look up something (uve been trying for a while and stupid itunes leads me in circles) or know what to do, comment! thanks


why is it that on matter how much sleep u get on a week day u are always tired! who else is tired constantly :-)

who wants to suggest good manga to me:)

as title says

d gray man

just finsished reading up to whats out and im shocked a lil, who knows y its called d. gray man? who else is a fan? and itr freakin awesome so if you havent read it/watched you def should, read first!