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uhh i gots a gaia how bout any of u guys? and a face book, if u know bout the whole new ocean party thing..yea.. message me! :-) gaia name is puplov2425

alice in wonderland

for those who've seen it, i thought the affects were AMAZING but the movie on a whole wouldve been the best thing ever if it went PG-13 being pg made it okay, you could tell how they were keeping it pg but. i thought it was a good movie, opinions anyone? COMMENT ;D


to much pressure:( 2 papers due friday, bass lessons on tues (i havent practiced a lot...) and theres so many distractions :-( how bout you guys, got any good news??


luck with you in the future, u are an amazing drummer, i hope you find what your looking for:) im sad that u left, rst in piece bob of mcr, may a new bob be born, haha :')

umbrella academy

i heard they were making it a movie? is there any news on that? and second of all, is it a good read? i want a honest opinion from someone who didnt buy it cause gerard wrote it, thanks :D yup.


who is excited for ALICE IN WONDERLAND!! i wanna see it so bad i tried to convince my mom to let me see it at midnight and come in late to school (it didnt happen) but when r u guys going to see it? and reviews on lightning thief, the book was good:D

i might be stupid but..

how do you pronounce MCRmy? in people word language not internet world where the interpetation is up 2 the reader, and how bout franks last name?:/ dont kill me

youll carry on

my friends grandpa died yesterday on my friends birthday on the exact time he was born, he was out of school today and he and his family are all very close. how should i comfort him?

everyone want to know..

when the hell is that damn cd comming out, im gettin angry,cant u just give us an idea of when it comes out, more specific than a season, how bout a month or something, im hoping march:D


a week without school, i have 2 papaer due friday and have not done anything on either, most unporductive week everr. how bout u guys,?