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is the voting up for the finals yet?

title and WE FREAKIN WON AGAINT MUSE!!!! its funny everyone is like who is CC, ive heard 1 or 2 songs by them, theyre okay but mcr will destroy them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i looked in the mirror and dint like what i saw.

its easter, good wishes to you all, for my easter im dressed in clothes i dont like, being to what to wear what to do. i hate it. its not me. it makes me feel bad inside. i love my mom. but this isnt making me happy. just wanted to vent to you guys, love ya:)

any band ans songs suggestions?

im lookin 2 update my ipod with some new sounds :D

kareoke <--? id how 1 spell but..

my school is doing a karoke competition and i wanna do a mcr song but...i go to a catholic school and if the songs is to intense for them ill die. any suggestions? oh and how bout them eggs?

is there a difference between acoustic bass and electric?
instrument players

im interested in what you my chemer's play muscially (if u do) post a pic and blog sayin what u play and if u like it or not :-D. bass, computer wont let me upload the pic but its a black p-bass squire, its average, oh and show what instruments u wanna play!

the voting thing and..i havent been on in awhile

haha, this whole voting thing is amazing!!,lol mcr better win. end of story. haha, havent been on in a while, i check the site everyday but..i dont look at the blogs as often, i really shouold, you guyser all awesome :)


it was in disney last night and my friend and i were talkking about it the same day so i watched it... it was awesome. lol, like im really pumped, idk y:-) wanted to tell all the mcr peoples :)

for those who make videos..

what camera do you use, or want? good quality and stuff:-) video cameras..

flip cameras?

who can suggest a good one with nice quality and sound, it wont break and has nice feedback. what do you guys use or want etc?