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kicking dasies (idk how 2 spell sorry)

theyre a band, i think theyre doing bamboozle may 1st or something. they started a few months ago (its been that long O_o) theyre really good. it amazing how famous they got.

mf spiders.

i was going to take a shower and there was a fricken spider on the wall so i tried throwing a clay block i had, i kept missin and it broke. and then i tried sprayin it with water but the water dripped down the walls and into the radiator, i imagine thats not good. so that happened for like 30 min (my parents are out) and then on a different i see another fricken spirder. i snapped. now my throat hurts (im already a little sick) and there are two spiders in my bathroom. :'(

a few comments down.

someone was saying stuff about spiders. everytime someone mentions some sorta freaky bug that causes pain i feel like wearing long pants and long sleeved shirt with ankle socks and sneakers with gloves and possibly a mask.
do you ever see a bug and instead of killing it u watch it cause u dont wnana kill it?

my friend found a bug in his backpack and he squashed it and then it started to smell, it was a stink bug, he found a fricken colony in his never goin over his house, haha,

manga suggestions?

im so bored:'(

i must be stupid.

when i heard a little "tink* sound in the lamp (near computer) i think its a bug and look directly at the light. this has happened more than once, geeze. how bout you guys? anything you do that you consider stupid?

curling iron of hell

i felt outgoing so decided to curl my hair, mistake. burned my finger:'( o well, its not that bad, you guys are awesome i love mcr people :D

random rise against(it kinda rambles)

listenin to savior, who thinks the cd (appeal to reason) is really awesome? its weird when i type stuff on this website i make so many type-o's. goodness. highschool next year! woohoo im excited, anyone got advice?

happyr birthday gerard!!!

hope u lyn-z and bandit have a fun time!

crisis core?

SPOILER!! DO NOT READ IS U DONT WANNA KNOW! okay so i knew zack died but i just watched the cut scene on youtube and it made me so depressed. it sucks:'( and then you can start the game all over again? i dont think my heart can take it, haha:/. but yea, its a good game i love it. sorry i just recently got it. who thinks they should make more final fantasy games for psp (cause i dont have a normal game system..)

anyone know some good video converters?

something simple to convert youtube vids to i-pod format, mp4 right? something good and safe:) thanks to anyone who responds, mcr ftw beat C&C!!!