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hair dye help!

this summer i wanna get a red streak in my hair, what should i use, i need suggestions, minimal hair damage, my hair is black (naturally), bright red if possible, im thanksful for any suggestions, i was thinking the stuff from hottpic cause i saw some girls buying it but... idk.


my resources have run low, make a list of good books, any genre, the longer the list the better, thanks for all suggestions :) (manga applies 2)

happy day

after driving home for almost three hours i turn on my comp and friends or enemys radio (check it out, not spam) and it reminded me...its my chem monday :D yay, happy me. i got a shit load of school work for 2morrow;'( thou..sigh, i like wasting time her :)


theres only four more week sof school (for me) and ive been in this scholl for 11 years. and its all gonna dissappear in four weeks, one of which is completely finals:'( im gettin down. how bout you guys?

tick/ death note

i hug my dog and get a fricken tick :"(. my ma saw it and got it off but im all freaked out

for those who watch(ed) the death note anime the band who does the opening and closing for the beginning ep's are pretty good. nightmare. wikipedia them and youtube a few songs, theyre good :)


somone posted a media report about emos which led me to watch a few more on youtube. it ticks me off but first of all who cares!!! let them be, you really have no news that you have to attack a group of children? thats pretty sick.
when this topic came up with my mom i say: which would you prefer, a child who wears baggy dark clothes or one who has his pants flling down or insanely low cut shirt?

green day concert advice

my friends mom is got tickets to a greenday concert and my friend is going w/ her mom. i kinda wanna go to, like illl buy my own ticket but i want them to drive and chaperone. i dont wanna intrude on mother daughter time but i really wanna see greenday. advice?:'(

boulevard of broken dreams

the bass in this song makes me love the bass a lot, listen and comment:D its amazing, no other words can describe

im sorry

.10 bands/artists you can't get enough of...
1 My Chemical Romance
2 Mindless self indulgence
3 The White Stripes
4 The Used
5 weezer
6 green day
7 30 seconds to mars
8 rise against
9 fall out boy
10 vampire weekend

9 tasty food items...
1 cupcakes
2 re-heated pizza
3 the pretzel nibblers i forgot wat theyre called
4 eggs
5 cake
6 starbucks food
7 bagels
8 iceies
9 insert here

8 of your closest friends (loosely defined)...
1 rebecca
2 brenna
3 patrick
4 katie
5 julia
6 sorry no more:'( its sad

7 things you're good at...
1 drawing
2 reading
3 scaring kids
4 writing
5 singing
6 being me

who feels theire the only mcr fan in their town/state?

i do, leave a comment tellin what state ot coountry or town your from.

im from ct! :D