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california edition

havin trouble deciding what i should do about it..wat r u guys doing?


costume ideas guys?


hey guys, seems like everytime i blog its for help. but this is serious.

i think im an agnostic, and i wanna tell my mom and friend, but theyre catholic, ive been raised catholic, so i dont know how 2 break the

hey guys

been awhile since ive been here, i realize how much ive missed all ure guyses blogs:) school started, its a butt load of homework, but ill get through it i guess:) wish me luck! and hope their cd comes out soon so we can all go super crazy!!

oh em gee

i havent listened to mcr in forever (sry, haha) but now i am and. its amazing. i remember now why i loved them so fuckin much ;D


everytime i get news from the guys i feel like i just got into them, i get so excited and freak out. its been to long guys, much much too long:)


ive just discovered 14 year olds can get certain jobs, any of you have any ideas what they are (and im not talking bout baby sitting or anything im talking legit jobs...idk.. sorry..thanks for answering..if u feelin awkward, haha...)

have u heard?

unauthorized dvd of mcr, out real recent, i for one hated the one which was like things tht make u go mmmmm cause idk the lady pronounced half of everything wrong and it was a huge dissappointment, idk, but how bout this one, has anyone checked it out yet?


yesterday was absoutely horrible. went to a party on my dads side of the family, was the first time i met them, i hated it, they werent bad or anything, but my idiot friends (will go into detail later) were having a grad party and then an after party, and i was stuck an hour away awkwardly sitting at a table with strangers. i was a totaly bitch, i admit it, and i hate it.

im sorry

Team radke or or mabbit?
im sorry, i dont know whats happening here, if u care to explain?

Team Edward or Jacob?
jacob cause edward in real life is old, in book world edward

Team Blond hair Gerard or team black haired Gerard?
short nd black <3

Team mikey with glasses or mikey without?

Team bearded bob or non bearded bob?

Team Twitter or team myspace or team facebook?

Team bell bottoms or skinny jeans?
normal flat jeans? i dont know what bell bottoms are, what the term means

Team swiftkaratechop or Shane Dawson?
swifty is cool:)

Team Destery or team Nathan
destrey, he