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is it a reliable website??


me and my friend since the start of highschool have gradually grown apart, i was planin on bonding by going to the honda civic concert in august with her, but now one of her new friends wants to come, and i kind of dont want her to... am i terrible person and what should i do

bass tabs

for those who look up covers of songs in order to learn them, would you rather they have the song accompanying them or just the single instrument you searched? i personally would like the single instrument, what about you guys??

pokemon soul silver (remake for ds) or kingdom hearts birth by sleep?

which one should i get???they both look fun

mcr on glee and...justin bieber?!

so apparently in the same episode mcr's sing is covered, so is a justin bieber song...opinions :/

mcr on glee

im gettin some mixed feelings from you guys, some of the MCRmy enjoys glee but may not like mcr on it, some people hate glee but love mcr etc etc mix and matching, whats your opinions? i personaly am pretty psyched to see a mcr song played for a wide audience, hopefully new members are to join??

new site (havent posted in awhile:/

anyone kinda sad tht the blogs arent as big anymore? like they dont get enough space? :-? <--what u think bout my person, i use him all the time but think maybe people i type-o

drama club

well, i auditioned and didnt get a callback :/ but im proud of myself that i went for it, im ridiculouisly shy but today was a big step for me, im still a 1st year so i hav more time to get some sort of role :) you guys keep pushing yoursleves as well :D

not really important

my printer is printing a mcr pic and being really slow, it prob cant handle the awesomeness ;D

my romance (im sorry this is awkward)

theres this guy i like but ive gone 2 school w/ him for three years (since 6th grade) and i know his brothers and vice versa, its an awkward situation, should i pursue my feelings or ignore them until they go away (thts the one ive been doing formerly, the ignoring)