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everyone seems bored or down or w/e

so this is a thing i wrote for school.

its kinda long but bare with me. i forgot how to spell the animal bare, can someone help me?

Blood. There was so much blood. Enough to feed all the poor and hungry I suppose. But no one would benefit from this, the accidental slaughter of an innocent boy. A crowd of strangers hovered over the scene like hungry hawks, salivating over a fresh kill. I stood silent and breathless as the victim in front of me lay in a pool of their own blood. The twitching slowed and he became motionless.
He was my friend, my light, my world.

short blog

if u say "lmao" you should probably see a doctor, it sounds like a re-curring problem.

wat the heck y not

-see mcr in concert
-get through school
-make new friends
-expand music knowledge (like get into more bands and stuff)
-walk every day or some kind of exercise
-get good grades
- never give up!

happy new year

an may you all have good things happen idk

happy birthday

happy birthday bob and happy new year to everyone and bob (?) i hope you wished for snow cause u got it(if ure still in jersey cause last time it snowed here it snowed in jersey i could be completley wrong) wheeeeeeeeeee. i did not do this vid i jus thought it was a cool birthday song and since its bob birthday it works out

not that anyone cares but..

it took me like 8 minutes to get a case off my phone

if u met another mcr fan..

"insert title here" would you be cool with talking with them? i would and id feel akward and happy and ask why but itd be pretty interesting, if i get good comments about you people not thinkng im weird ill prob talk to people wearing mcr clothes!

mcr mall story i guess...

i was in the mall returning stuff and buying stuff when my ma and i were walin toward macys and these two girls were walkin into spencers (i think) and one of the girls was wearing the mcr industry tour shirt and i got excited and shouted talked and pointed at her saying" she has it" he friend turned to look at me but my mother and i kept on walking, i was just really excited to see a mcr fan in public cause idk anyone who loves them muchly. pokay the end.


when someone says" your obsessed" in a bad way reply " its a healthy interest". just saying. for christmas my mom was amazing she got me all this awesomemcr stuff like a live pic of frank mcr calendar gloves lotms and shirt, but the shirt is size small and its like toddler?! imreallyt upset and afraid cause my mom if had to pick a side doesnt like mcr but says shes indifferent. she says she likes some stuff but idk. im sad the shirts is size baby and i aint no baby lol. hope ure holidays were fun and nice and awesome and filled with official and unofficial mcr merch!


so my mom was cookin turkey and was taking out the juice with a shitty turkey baster and the turkey juice tht was freakin hot squirted onto my arm and family was just about to arrive and i was all in pain with my burned arm. awesome right? hope ure holidays were better than that part of mine. the rest of the day was fine thou.