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stupid requred title

its not that i dont like money but when people give me giftcards im more likley to buy stuff, if people give me cash ill hide it away and save it forever. its cause i feel giftcards are used for that one store i need to use it sooner or later and money is like for everything and should be used for important stuff like mcr cd! lol. anyone else like this,

three cheers for sweet revenge must be avenged

i was using the 3c4sr cover as a model for a pic im working on and my dog sat in it and its all crinkly now:'( i love my dog but were going through some tough times now. the cover currently resides under a book to hopefully work out the wrinkles


im working in a mcr picture where theres a clock i the middle bu tthere the 12 9 and 3 should be are mcr (left 2 right) and the rest are roman numerals and then there are four clock hands pointing at the mcr lettters and the 4 for their 4th album, arounf the border of the clock is the bands names in cursive, each corner gets an album, im working in the three cheers for sweet revenge one using exactly the font and then under the title will be the songs and the story of a man a woman and a thousand evil men... comment if u wanna see it when its done:D


whats our favortie type of manga and actual manga (anime too>o--

i had a dream

where we were learning about mcr and were studying the helena video and it was up on a screen and it was awesome but..i woke up. i immediately listened to helena,its an amazing song and in complete silence you can hear ray singin in the background>.<. lol yup. whad u dream bout last night


who gets mad or talks to characters in a book,manga,movie,etc... like you start shouting or laugh or something. in addition who talks 2 themselves? are there other people around. in my case i talk 2myself often(is that bad?) and the book thing pretty muhc all the time:D


ever get creeped out when your the only one at home or your familys in one rooms and ure on the computer (this is my situation) and i came back from the bathroom (sorry if u didnt need to read tht) and it was dark and creepy and i ran into the room with the computer all freaked out (big imagination) and immediate;y listened to music to calm down. it really halps me chill out and be normal i guess. how bout any of you?


i want to voulenteer to help out my library but theres an interview and im nervous and have no idea what to expect and i recently lost my library card ( i have no clue where it went i even cleaned my house a little) any hint and tips and advice from you awesome people:)

doctor or dentist

which do you perfer? me and dentists cause ive been there a lot as a kid (more than 20 cavaties)


at nigth when im in bed lying there waiting for sleep to overcome me i get really depressed, thinking about all the shit i have to do all the assignments and things and pressures of today and tomorrow and the next days all weigh down on me and i get these suicidal thoughts. its just a random blog you dont have to read or comment. ive gotten over it a little by not thinking about stuff at all but there are those nights...but im okay i promise :)