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Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

who thinks this song would be adorable for a wedding??

Hey Killjoys!!

i luv ya ;D


mind fucked O_O so good :'(


hey killjoys, im hanging around deviantart and admiring all of your awesome work, i love how great you all are at drawing people :) i wanna try doing a danger days inspired piece but cant figure one out, any ideas? or send me a link to one of your own creations :D i love you guys and mcr is def lucky to have us :p

lets have it for my friend

she is a new super fan of our frank iero, lets celebrate her newfound love/obsession :D

killjoy comic

who's fucking excited for its existence to be revealed to the world??


its funny how you know the right interviews and videos to click on for new my chem stuff cause gerards red hair <3

significant others

sometimes i feel im happier single with an imaginary manga/anime/character person instead of a real boy/girl friend. how bout you people? (sorry if this is a repeat :/


sometimes i feel that im happier single with an imaginary anime/manga/book character as a romantic relation :/ how bout you??

kuroshitsuji/black butler review

im reading reviews on amazon and its kind of upsetting, i typically go to the lowest ratings and see what they say. the main thing about manga i think is to read them online first to see if you like them and dont waste your money buying somthing you might complain about later. black butler is a very good manga, the plot in the beginning is slow i guess (?) but throughout it definitely picks up and gets very intense. i am reading the scanlations and am currently very excited to see how this series ends. not that people come here to look for stuff like this but maybe...whatever :)