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Hello, and Help/Advice?

hello mcrmy, havent been here in awhile, but, right now, im feeling low. i dont know if i am depressed, and when i asked a parental figure, i was dismissed. so can you help?

im feeling really persistently empty, like nothing i do has meaning or accomplishes anything. like i could disappear and nothing would matter. i feel really useless and generally that sad kind of nothingness.

ok it would be nice if you guys, or anyone with experience could help, if you do/can, thank you for your time, it is very highly appreciated.


any good ones i should get??


if you have depression, how did you know?


writing a science paper on gerard and feel weird referring to him as Way and not gerard :p

Kids of Yesterday

our childhood memories bathed in sunshine and warmth. days when we had not a worry, no drama of crushes and homework or taxes and jobs. today, the only way of achieveing such bliss is in dreams, to quote, only in dreams by weezer

Mikey: Happy birthday

nothing of real content but, happy birthday, i almost forgot, haha :( forgiveness?? you and your brother as well as frank and ray have gotten me through some recent tough times and i love you guys, you are my rock, hope your birthday was amazing and if you actually read this that'd be awesome. never stop (clearly you have to stop at some point but...y'know :)

high school

i hate it, does it ever get better, my lessons so far from life and books have taught me no, but id like to believe it gets better from you MCRmy

privacy violated

my ma read a little journal thing i wrote in. i feel really violated cause it was really personal, ifeel bad cause i feel like i over reacted, but shes done stuff like this before, i know shes my ma and all but... :/

bass players :D

what songs do you people find to be fun to play on the bass guitar?

End of Summer Burn Out

not to be depressing but, my life is really empty, i dont get enjoyment out of little things you normally do during summer. its more like ive been doing the same things all summer and am bored, so its like super boredom :/ ahhh what do you guys do??