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Sara S. Transmission

Hey to all you Killjoys out there!! How's it going? Ouch stop that Apha..... Sorry about that, WARNING TO ALL KILLJOYS IN ZONE 3: THERE ARE DRACS EVERYWHERE!!!!!! Do not go outside!! Stay inside and lock all the doors and block out the windows! Don't go out until tonight, if it's safe by then. I'm speaking from experience. Stop it Alpha!!! I got shot in the arm and SOMEONE Forgot where HE put the PainKillers!!! (you hera Alpha mutter) Sorry dude but it really hurts..... Anyway stay in side keep your guns close and your friends/family closer.

This website is amazing

Without this website I would have no one to talk to and no friends but thanks to mcr and this website I have friends who are amazing and nice and sweet, and now I'm happy all the time

New Hair Cut!!

Okay so the first and second picture is the Hair cut I had at 8:45a.m. this morning and the Third one is from 10:00 A.m. this morning, WHat do you guys think? Do you like it?


Go check it out it is awesome!!!!!


The first two are the same, I want to do the bangs with Blonde/Carmel (If not the shaved in the back I want it to be longish like Frankies in "I'm Not Okay" so that i can Firm hold wax it)
and the last one is what I want. and the Fourth, isn't on here, but I want it to look like Gerards hari, but instead of red it will be a "blonde/carmel" color and like Gerard the under layer will be shaved off. can anyone tell me which I should get!!!

Off to Zone 3

Okay Welp I'm off to Zone 3 so I'll be seeing some of you at the Zone 3 Orphanage Fundraiser, I will be doing stunts and tricks for Carbons for the orphanage so if you want to donate people come out and watch the show. And Please if you find any lost boys or girls bring them to the orphanage. Thank you Signing and Flying off,
Sara S.

To all the Killjoys Out there

Have a good day Killjoys, Keep you Boot on, Keep your Lasers Close and Kill all the Dracs you run into. Keep on running, and watch your and your fello Killjoys Backs

My Killjoy Background Story

My parents were some of the first to be killed when the war started, so that left me with my older brother. It was extremly hard but we were fighting for our lives. One day a Drac got me hostage as leverage against my brother, Alpha Marine, so he went to were the Dracs were holding me and killed them all and got me out as we were running, a dying drac shot my brother inbetween the shoulder blades. I pulled out my gun and shot the drac again and killed him. I fell to my brother and tried to carry him but it was to late, He died on my lap.

Woot!!!! I got a tie, and I have a question!

Okay so I bought a tie (I'm a chick) and I didn't know how to tie so I've been guessing for about 20-30 minute and I finally got it!!!!!!! WOOT!!!! I am awesome! Anyway on fuse (right now) on the Mark _____ Show there will be an interview with My Chemical Romance, if you didn't already know that, I don't have Fuse so I was wondering if anyone knew how I could see that Interview, thanks for the help
Siging and Flying off,
Sara Sarcasitic Angel

I have a question for all you killjoys!!

Do any Killjoys Live in Michigan? Cuz I really hope I'm not the only one!