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freaky moment

Wow okay so I just heard something like a knock at my front door but I could feel it on my feet threw the floor, So I'm a bit scared now, I guess it doesn't help that I just watch The Hitcher and Friday The 13th earlier for the first time today, so I'm a little scared now......I really really hope that tonight isn't the last night of my life......I'm an extremely paranoid person by nature so this is just amplifying all my if tonight is the last night of my life then I just want to say" I love you to all you killjoys" and to MCR "I love you guys and you guys saved my life." To

The Hitcher

That movie was awesome!! I want to be a psychologist, not just because of this movie but for many reasons... Anyway that was a really great movie, I much admit it keeps you on your toes, you think he'll do one thing, and he does something else, you think he won't do something and he ends up doing it. He is one Creative psychopath. This is one of the reason I want to be a psychologist, I want to study the criminally insane, they facinate me, they way their mind works and the way they think and the things they do, it's enthralling to me.


What is love? Sorry this is a rant so you shouldn't read it if you're gonna be a hater........ Why is that everywhere I love there is always someone in love. They are everywhere! I mean i'm happy for them, but I get so envious. I feel like a ghost or ghoul, no one see's me and when they do they hate what they see and expect me to change to meet their needs/wants. I hate it, I have everyone expecting me to be something I'm not. I would rather you Hate me for who I Am then Love me for who I'M NOT!!! Sorry that is just my two sense

I have a question

What happens when an Unstoppable force meets an Unmoveable object?


I am currently out at the zone 4 Orphanage, we will be having a fundraiser here in two days and we need stuff bad! Also if you find any of those adorable little lost boys or girls, please, and I mean Please, take them into your care and bring them here (or to any of the zone 1-6 orphanages) We want to make sure all our little killjoys have food, clothing, and a good place to sleep, so please donate and help us out here.

Woot No SCHOOL!!!

SO yeah I don't have school today! (yeah go crappy stupid Michigan weather) So I'll probably be on here and youtube all day long!!!! I'm so happy!!!! What's happening with all you othe rkilljoys out there?
Signing and Flying off,
Heaven's Lost Crow


this might just be me but it's cool and odd how similar Gerard and I are we both love The Crow: City of Angels, our birthdays are 2 days apart, we both act like we're A.D.D. at times, we both have laughs that very from time to time, we both love the whole band.........yeah it might just be me but I think it's awesome

It's the best I could Find

21st Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas MCR
This is it on youtube. Part 1

Your welcome to people

Song Lyrics

Nightwish: Escapist
Who's there knocking at my window?
The owl and the Dead Boy
This night whispers my name
All the dying children

Virgin snow beneath my feet
Painting the world in white
I tread the way
and lose myself into a tale

Come hell or high water
My search will go on
Clayborn Voyage without an end

A nightingale in a golden cage
That's me locked inside reality's maze
Come someone make my heavy heart light
Come undone
Bring me back to life

A nightingale in a golden cage
That's me locked inside reality's maze
Come someone make my heavy heart light
It all starts with a lullaby


Something i just wrote....

I was held by love once,
until he turned his back on me,
he wanted another,
a beauty who I wasn't.

I turned my head,
and walked away,
but his embrace follows me all the way.

I awoke one day,
and went to play,
and there he was with her.

I laughed and left,
he did not see,
but he had blackened since my touch.

My soul had rubbed off on him,
and even as pure as he was,
I made him dark,
He hates me for it,
But I laughed at it all the way