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Today is a day for Dancing and Partying and having fun!!! I hope you all have an awesome day!! Party hard and regret nothing!!!!!!! Come on Show'em what your worth!!!!!!!! Today we live and let live!!! Have a great day KILLJOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas Gifts....

okay so I got $50 to Barnes and Nobles, $25 for Itunes, and $50 for American Eagle...(I don't shop American Eagle but my dad doesn't what stores I do shop at......grrr) I'm happy, SO what did you killjoys get?

My Saddness

I feel........well........ugly.


I like Chinese yes I do!
I like Chinese, How 'bout you?

I don't konw

I don't know...........I'm so confused


so my dad got home last night, while I was asleep, and I didn't see him.

Rant about future...

This is a Rant so Warning!

Why do the insane facinate me so? I don't get it, one day I watch a movie with a serial killer, and I'm obsessed with them, I can't stop thinking about serial killers: what it would be like to study them, to see how their minds work, what their minds are like, what they are like. I don't know why, I watch a show or movie with a serial killer and the whole movie long I'm anylysing, studing, and trying to figure out why they are doing what they are doing, why they feel good about killing or feel better or satisfied about their kill.

Somthing I thought of

I give you a man of nobility, you get a swine.
I give you a man of honor, you get a murder.
I give you a man of truth, you get a liar.
I give you a man of lowly statues, you get a man who is truthful, has honor and nobility that surpases that of anyother.

What to......

what to do,
what to say
what to think,
what to feel,
what to fear,
what to hear,
what to wear,
what to eat........


Yay an other panic attack yippe........ crap I feel like I'm gonna throw up.........