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The Past Two Nights....

For the Past Two Nights I have been Dreaming only about My Chemical Romance. It's wierd and supper cool!!!

Poems, by Me

Poem: My Great Romance
I'm lost,
Lost in this Pain,
Lost in this Strife,
Help me find the Lane,

The lane, leading to him,
He, who is cruel, yet, kind,
He can tear you limb from limb,
While he keeps me on his mind,

He will hold me forever,
In this never ending chase,
He will not leave me ever,
He holds me in a cool embrace,

He'll have me every hour,
He'll have me as a Bride,
I'll live in his great tower,
And we'll watch the great Tide, ( just a heads up its the Ocean tide)

In him I am forever,
As we dance the 'Eternal Dance',
For this is my destiny,
To be with Death forever,

My Chemical Romance Against "Twilight"

Hey, Okay so this is a first for/from me so please no mocking me...anyway, I would just love to point out, the already obvious fact, that My Chemical Romance is amazing I that I love them. Anyways, so today I was on google and I got bored so I googled M.C.R. and this website came up.
So I read it and I thought it was amazing.