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Thank you, I love you, Good Night

So, I found out today that My Chemical Romance, has broken up. This is... saddening, I have loved M.C.R. for quite a few years and they have really helped change, and shape my life. They kept me from taking my own life, and helped me have the will and the faith to keep going through all the crap.They helped me through some really rough spots in my past and now it's just kinda hard to see them splitting up. Part of me is really heart broken over this, but I have to trust that for whatever reason they are doing this it's what's best for them.
Either way I hope that what ever they do in the

What is the Type of mask used in The Black Parade ?

What is the Type of mask used in The Black Parade? I really want to know so I can get it for my Halloween Costume

The Fan Promo with Rant

I"m pretty sure few people will read that but that is okay, I just wanted to say that they Fan Video that they put up in the NEWS section was amazing, that person did a great job I like at about 2:50 when he tells the chicks (this is a summary) that if rock stars ask to see their breasts for backstage passes that they should spit in their faces, and as soon as I heard that I laughed and smiled with all of my heart, So many people say that he is just like all the other rockers out there, but Gerard and the Rest of the Band is different, they are amazing and wonderful people, I got to see them

Last night at the Orbit Room

It Fucking Rocked, best concert ever, I made some really cool friends, and it was just awesome, I just wish they could have done a signing so they could have signed my comic book


I have been long awaiting April 16th, and am still waiting, my dreams are starting to come true in the fact that I will get to listen to M.C.R. live and hopefully get to have them sign a comic book that is very close to my heart and an inspiration to me, My Chemical Romance, gave me hope when I had none, The help me regain faith in this world and people and life.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Gerard, I will be seeing you next Saturday in Grand Rapids, My Bithday is the 11th, Monday! Woot Woot I'm excited it seems my dream is coming true this year and I get to see you and the whole band, I hope you guys do a signing and hopefully a meet and great, but heres to dreams. I hope all you wishes and dreams come true, I'll talk to you later.
Your's Eternally,
Sara/The Lost Crow

SELLING TICKETS For The Chicago Concert

I have one ticket to sell for the Chicago April 15th Concert, $45, it's at the Aragon Ballroom, in Chicago, If you want to buy it please message me

It's been a while

It's been about a month since my last blog.....a lot has changed, I'm scared all the time like there is a threat, unscene, but there watching and following me, caressing my skin and whispering in my ears. I'm so frightened.

I have a question about their concerts, please help

I was wondering, does anyone know if after their concerts do they even have like a signing station or something? I want to take my 'The Crow' Comic Book and get them to sign it, I've loved the crow for.... about 2 1/2 to 3 years now, and I would love it if they could sign the comic book, it's not an original but it is a re-print of it, so I would be so very happy if someone told me if they did signings

SELLING TICKETS For Chicago Concert

I am Selling two tickets for the Concert April 15th at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, if anyone wants to buy them MESSAGE ME and we Will Negotiate a price, please please please SOMEONE BUY THEM!!!! I believe that that show is sold out, and if anyone knows someone who is looking for the tickets pleas have them contact me.