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Sheet Music

Hey, does anyone know where I can get free drum sheet? Or at least where I can find drum sheet music for the song I Don't Love You? I've found sheet music for that song on piano, guitar, and even clarinet, but can't seem to find it for drums. How ridiculous is that?! So yeah if anyone could give me a link, or a website where i cold find sheet music for that song, I would greatly appreciate that.

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I've got internet today! Woo! the internet's been down for the last week or so, because the wind here has been screwing everything up. :P

Anyway, a while ago I had asked if there were any deviantart peeps on here, that would like to check out my art that was which posted on there, which many people responded to with a yes they'd be willing to check out my work. But also a very polite person asked if I wouldn't mind posting my work on here as well because many killjoys on here don't have a deviantart account. SOoo, there we are. :)

The one on the top is titled, "Little Girl" after the Green Day song Which I was listening to at the time, The middle one is, "Smile Through Your Pain", and the bottom one is the first in a series of silhouettes i'm doing, and this one is Mikey Way. I'm working on Bob now. (I don't care if he's not in the band, I'm still going to draw him)

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Hey is anyone on here on Deviantart? I've been posting some stuff on there, nobody's been commenting on it, and I'm feeling slightly unloved on there. So if you're on there I'm this person:
And please check out my artwork! It'd been nice to have some feedback. Also if you want, I do art commissions for free, so if you want a drawing of something, like your killjoy(I know the Killjoy era has past) or your favorite band member/artist/musician/person/animal, etc(Bob counts, and it doesn't have to be just MCR) I'll draw whatever, just let me know. :)

Have a great beginning of 2013!

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Bob Bryar and Mikey Way

No, this is not a blog about some slash story people.(God is everything to be taken like that now a days?!) It is about the wishing of a certain Bob Bryar a Happy Birthday even if he's not in the band anymore(at least, as far as I know), and be sharing a picture I drew of Mikey Way. I have posted it on Deviantart, so if anyone is on there, I'm this person:
So please leave me some comments and feedback, PLEASE!!! I've only just started posting stuff, so there isn't a lot on there. But please, I'm begging you, check out what little i put up and tell me what you think, PLEASE!!!! and yeah, i did kinda screw up on Mikey's bass and his left leg is a little disproportioned. :/ i'll get better, this is my first full body drawing of an actual person, or at least of a guy.

Anyway, enjoy your New Year! :)

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well i'm bored so im doing this.

Put your ipod or mp3 on shuffle and see what your movie soundtrack would be:

Opening credits:Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Green Day
Waking up:Angels of the silences(live in NY)- Counting Crows
Falling in love:To the End- My Chemical Romance
Fight song:Blood- My Chemical Romance
Breaking up: The Difference- Wallflowers
Life’s ok: Hello- Oasis
Getting Back Together:Every Planet We Reach is Dead- Gorillaz(?)
Wedding song: Vital Signs- Rush (Not the Big Time crap, go look up Rush if you don't know who the are and if you do congrats)
Birth of child: California Stars- Billy Bragg and Wilco
Final battle: Matter Special- Still Twitchin(one of the local bands its all instrumental:)
Death scene:El Mana- Gorillaz(oh Yeah, this fits perfectly)
Funeral song: A Day in the Life- Beatles
End credits: My Friend- Jimi Hendrix

Now i'll probably go film a video with this with slight alterations, not to the songs just the events, and post it sometime. Gives me something to do.

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Merry Holidays, and a jolly New Year!

Amazing, we are still all alive and the 21st has come and gone. Hmm, wonder what happened there. ANywhay, i thought i'd post a holiday song and i settled on John Lennon's merry christmas war is over. kinda sad video, but really powerful with the song. MERRY HOLIDAYS!!!(hopefully)

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Science Teachers.

Okay so i got my lip pierced way back in September, and my science teacher has referred to me as "pierce" since. i don't have a problem with it, i think its funny. ANy way, so today my science teacher says to me, "Pierce, please stand up against that wall and face the class please." so thoroughly confused i do what he asked me to. He then says, "So. Pierce, when did you get your piercing?" "Umm, i back in September i think." My teacher nods in then turns to the class, and says, "So Pierce got her piercing back in september. Now we are going to have a long break. So. WHo thinks that when we get back from break, Pierce will have a tatoo?" Almost the whole class raises their hands, including the teacher, and i standing there trying not to laugh.
"Okay Pierce, just remember to get it somewhere where we can all see it."

so after winter break i'll probably walk to school with a drawn on sleeve on my arm, just for kicks and giggles. :)

merry holidays to all of you out there!

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Chinese Food and Empty Wallets

so my brother decided he wanted to buy Chinese food for dinner, and went in search of his wallet that he'd left laying around the house. then about ten minutes later he storms into my room screaming at me that i'm a big jerk and stuff like that. I asked what i did wrong and my mother comes in and explains that his money is missing fro his wallet, and gives me one of the 'and the logical explanation is that you did it' types of looks. so i got ganged up on and am being blamed for my brothers missing money! >:I GRRRRRRR......

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What Happened To Good Music?

THe kids at my school seriously need to listen to better music. I have a picture of green day in my locker and 10 kids have asked me over the last two weeks:
"who are those guys?" to which i have answered, "Green Day." and every single kid has said some stupid remark such as, "they look weird." or, "green day? like in april?" yes children of the robotic barbie doll race, they are suppose to be weird, and how should i know if they named themselves in relation to Earth Day? Hence the picture of Justin Bever being smashed with Billie's guitar. The other two pictures are just fun. :P And to all the kids at my school, i give you a Gerard Way styled salute!

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So does anyone on here know where i could find free drum music? i don't know if it is just my bad luck, or what, but i seem to have an inability to find any. AND i really need to find something else to learn to play on the drums besides 'HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS'. :/ so what's up with everyone on here?