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30 seconds to mars come to Sweden this year, but it's far away from where I live. Is there anybody else who is an Echelon?

I am an Echelon and a Killjoy. I'm also a member of BVB army and MCRmy. I like other bands too, but they don't have fan names.
My friends tell me I'm a directioner. I can see the difference of their eyes and I know all of their names.

Anyway this is a performance by 30stm. It's my favorite live perfomrance with The Kill.

Rock sound & Kerrang!

I got a new Kerrang! magazine yesterday.
I live in Sweden so the magazine which came last week comes this week. It also costs more than 4 pounds here while it costs 2.70 in the UK. The Rock Sound magazine costs 6 pounds and 4 pounds in the UK.

Anyway I love these magazines. I actually wanted the last Kerrang! with BVB too, but the store where I can find them is in the city and I don't go there everyday. I got the valentine's issue yesterday and I love that it is so funny. They who write the magazines are great writers.


Charlie Chaplin, anybody?

OK. Charlie Chaplin was a celebrity 50 years ago, but he's great. I love the movie Modern Times and all of his short movies.
There are only a few who know about him in my class so I just want to knowif you know who he is.
Except Johnny Depp, Steve Martin, Jared Leto and Jim Carrey is he my favourite actor.

Black Veil Brides

A few weeks ago I saw Black Veil Brides were going to the city where I live and I was so happy but then I saw they were going to perform at a nightclub so I thought I couldn't go because I'm to young.
Today I checked the information about the performance and the age-limit was 13 and I thought it was 18.
So I'm really happy because it's not that expensive either.
I hope My Chemical Romance will come soon too but I haven't seen any tour dates.


Where I live there's almost nobody who knows about the bands I like. I have told my family what I'm listening to, but if I hadn't they would not know about MCR, 30 Seconds to Mars and Black Veil Brides. I asked some of my friends if they had listened to My Chemical Romance but they hadn't heard of them. I thought everybody knew who they were. So one day I talked to another friend who I don't use talk to so much these days. I talked about MCR and she told me she knew who they were and she had The Black Parade.


Where I live it's 22:03. We're watching Die Hard 2. I think it's good but I've only watched it for like half an hour. I'm from Sweden and here we are celebrating christmas eve so it's just two days left. I have been wishing for magazines like Kerrang and Rock Sound and music from My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars, You Me At Six and Alice Cooper. I also want money for future albums from Black Veil Brides and MCRs Conventional Weapons.

Merry Christmas!!!