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Great Bands #4

Alright, I don't know how many blogs like these I will post, but I don't care. Just scroll down if you don't want to read and learn about great music. Fall Out Boy came back this year with the album Save Rock And Roll. Great album. My favorites from the album is The Phoenix, My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark and Alone Together. Of course they've got a lot of great songs so I won't mention all of them, but I Don't Care is good. So, if you didn't scrolled down, but actually read this and listened to the video you'll suddenly know what band that will be your next inspiration.


Bought Alternative Press. I really want it. NOW! Anybody who already have got it? Please tell me what's in it.

Great Bands #3

The third great band. 30 Seconds To Mars released their fourth studio album last week. This song is calle The Kill and is on their second album, A Beautiful Lie. I love this band. They are always changing, just like MCR, but not exactly like MCR. 30STM have an own style. The frontman, Jared Leto, is also an actor. A movie I can recommend is Lord Of War. Nicholas Cage is in the movie too.

Great bands #2

Panic! At The Disco! They have some really weird music, but they are great. Ryan Ross and John Walker quit so they aren't the same, but I will always listen to them. Ryan and John have a new band too, The Young Veins, but I prefer P!ATD.

Great bands #1

I know Zankoku_sinner has these blogs about bands that inspires her and if she has copyright on it you can message me. I think it was a great idea though.
The first great band is of course My Chemical Romance. I'm really said they broke up before I got to see them live, but I guess I'll just sit in front of the tv watching dvds with them. When I listen to their songs I am nostalgic. Some bands can bring that feeling to me and MCR are one of them.


Listen! Overworld is a great band from Sweden. Their drummer followed me on twitter and I decided to listen to them and they were awesome.


Last week I read the last book, Light, in the Gone series by Michael Grant. I think they are the best books ever! I was really sad when Light ended, but now I am going to start reading Gone again.
I was in London a couple of weeks ago and I went to Waterstones which is my favorite place. There I bought a lot of books so I have got a bunch of books I want to read so I 'll need to read like five books at the same time.
If somebody can recommend a book please tell me, I think I can read more.


In my Swedish class (I'm from Sweden) we are gonna write a speech and then we are gonna perform. I written two speeches, but don't really know which one I am going to choose. One of them is about the butterfly project and if somebody has some information, please message me. It's about making people realise that they need to help people who need help. The other one is about the juveniles's rights to privacy in their homes. Some parents like to sneek into their childrens's rooms as you might have noticed. If somebody has any advices please message me or if you have another topic too.


Now I am listening to Black Veil Brides, but I was actually going to see them live tonight. I am not seeing them live now. Last week they went back to USA because they were sick. I really want to see them. I hope they'll come back. I don't wanna wait another 1/2 year. Anybody else who wanted to see them live and couldn't?

Estonia! Listen up!

We're working with a project in school and we are supposed to tell our class why they should move to Estonia. So, what's so good about Estonia? We live in Sweden by the way. We would be really grateful if you could help us.