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Dressing up as Gerard Way 2

Today was the day. I dressed up as Gerard to do a "jokephoto" in school as we call it. My class had the theme celebrities and I chose Gerard. My sister got up at 7:20 to do my makeup. I have never worn makeup before (yes I am 15) and it was hard to not touch my eyes because they were itching. I and my friends were making us ready for 2 hours and still we had to run to the room where the photo was taken.
It was really funny to see what my classmates dressed up as. Some were actors, some were charactors and some were singers.

Dressing up as Gerard Way

In my school we're taking photos of the class every year and in ninth grade we are dressing up. Me and a friend came up with the idea of dressing up as celebrities and the rest of the class wanted the same theme. First I was gonna dress up as Charlie Chaplin but when I told my mum about it she was surprised and said:
"Why? What about Gerard Way?"
Well, I couldn't make her dissappointed :P
Tomorrow I'll dress up as Gerard Way. If you've seen the photos of him as the sheriff of emo town then you know how I want look like.
I am really excited.

The Scottish education system

I am writing a story which takes place in Scotland and I really want it to be trustworthy. It's about two girls and their lives from 6-19 years. I am writing about their lives in school for example. Please, if there is any Scottish killjoy here or somebody who knows about secondary school, primary school etc message me. Where do they go at the age of 4,5,16 & 18? I am really happy if somebody can help me.


This song really reminds me of MCR splitting up, especially the first part. It's a Swedish singer. Here are the lyrics:

When you’re a kid
You wanna be someone
Now you’re grown and you’re older
I have watched as you
Hopes and dreams slowly fade away
You’re humbled by your failures
Before they’re even made

So maybe you should do something about it
Those heroes in defeat you’ve never doubted
Find your dreams and you might just live them
Don’t just be a part of the system

You think you’re surrounded by responsibilities
That they won’t let you move
Give you

My Gerard Addiction

My mom said I am addicted to Gerard Way.
She is probably right. . .

Great Bands #8

Who doesn't love Green Day??? I think It's the best punk rock band in the world and the most famous too, I think. This song Longview is from Dookie. I hadn't heard it until my friend began to talk to me about it one day this semester. Green Day are playing in Sweden (I live in Sweden) this summer. At the same concert as All Time Low!!! I can't go though. It's too far away. Anyway, those who will go or have gone to one of their concerts, lucky you. I've heard they're great live. I hope they'll play in Sweden again one day and that I'll have the possibility to go.

Adios Killjoys and listen to

Great Bands #7

The seventh band. . . You Me At Six. The song Loverboy is the tenth best song according to Kerrang and I really think it should be even closer to the first prize.
I listened to this song once when I had math. One of my friends asked what I listened to and I said Loverboy. Anybody who think they know what happened next?
He laughed. I am a person who really doesn't like relationships and just want to hang out with my friends and play soccer. When I said Loverboy he just couldn't see how I could listen to that. I explained that it's actually is a rock song, but he didn't believe me.

National Day of Sweden

Today is the national day of Sweden.

Instructions for how to celebrate The National Day of Sweden:
1. Wake up at 12 o'clock because you're free.
2. Oh no! Somebody just posted a picture of their special dinner on instagram. They have to think I am a loser because I haven't posted a picture of my dinner.
3. Have to make my friends think I am celebrating the national day!
4. Search on Google: Sweden's flag.
5. Found it? Post it on instagram. Hashtag #celebratingntaionalday #perfectlife #greatdaynotlonelyatall
6. Done? Great! Now you won't have to post on instagram for another five minutes.

Great Bands #6

ALL TIME LOW!!! Really, it's a great band so why would I not have the title 'great bands'? They are actually really funny. If you watch a interview with them I promise you you'll laugh more than once and the music is good too. I even made my brother like them. This is the first song I heard and you should listen to it too.

Great Bands #5

The absolute first song I heard of Black Veil Brides was Coffin and I promise, it's great. I know a lot of you know about them. Some because of the latest album Wretched and divine and some heard of them earlier. Anyway, I heard of them last year and I haven't stopped listening to them. For you who haven't heard them. . . Listen! NOW!

No excuses. . .