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I saw this at Hot Topic! Its so awesome. They also had gloves that I am going to buy for my costume!

I'm Ready To Kick Draculoid Butt >]


[- Stolen Sanity -]

My raygun~

Comments please! How does it look so far? I am gonna paint over it to make it a little brighter but so far I like the one it looks :3 There are little parts that look tattered because I want it to look like it's been used a lot and covered with sand. Does it look good or dumb?

Opinions please~

She makes me feel so inadequate.

My roommate is happy all the time. Every single minute. She doesn't have a care in the world and therefore she does not realize that other people have problems. I have ocd and bipolar 2 so I get depressed very easily. And because I'm stressed, I've been more mental than usual. But she's always happy. Always. And it makes me feel so inadequate. Like there's something wrong with me (which there is but she just emphasizes it). Ugh, I feel so trapped.

FIINALLY came up with my character bio!

FINALLY. The idea just came to me. I know how my character is going to join the killjoys :D

Stolen Sanity was a struggling poet in Battery City. Poetry is her passion, but no one in the city has emotions and therefore they do not understand her poems, even the simple ones. Running out of money, she had to get a job. She started writing for BLI. She soon realized that all the information she was publishing was false and convoluted. Sick of the lies and hypocrisy, she quit her job and joined the rebellious Killjoys, the group she had been writing about for the past few months.

Bored and Stressed.

To relax I made this picture. It's not my killjoy costume, just me wearing my favorite hat and earmuffs at the same time haha x3

[- Stolen Sanity -]

3 times... I'm seeing MCR three fucking times.

I can't believe it. I can't phantom that I am going to see them three times within the same year. I'd like to thank MCR for coming to the US, even though it is killing my bank account <3 This is truly a blessing. This year has been complete crap. It has been torturous. The stress of college is taking its toll on me, especially with my illnesses (obsessive compulsive disorder and bipolar 2). I miss my home, my girlfriend, my pets and my parents. In April, I get to see MCR in NYC with my friends from home. In May, I get to see them again with my college friends.




It's a dream come true! I get to see MCR at my favorite venue in the world! <3

During the transmission...

When the random guy called complaining about the merch... was that Gerard? xD It sounded like him disguising his voice weirdly. Do you guys agree?