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New transmissions! :3

They are awesome. I hope they don't stop posting them since the album is out now.

My room (kind of)

I felt like taking a picture of me and my wall. So here it is. I didn't feel like smiling.

Hot Topic Poster?

If you pre-ordered the cd from Hot Topic, you were supposed to get a poster right? I got the cd but not the poster..

I hate Thanksgiving D:

But I wish all of my fellow killjoys a happy one!

Bulletproof Heart

is my favorite song. It's so beautiful. It make me cry almost every time.


I kind of dressed up yesterday. I drew an x on one cheek and MCR on the other. I wore my killjoy hat and bandanna. I wrote "killjoy" on my knuckles, Na Na Na on my toes and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W on my arm <3

[- Stolen Sanity -]

The Wait Was Worth It <3

Danger Days is amazing <3


Today has been so great! I'm doing all of the missions and it's so much fun. Right now I'm writing a review for the album :D

[- Stolen Sanity -]



Two Terminal 5 and Starland dates? O.o

Is that a mistake or is that legit?