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Thank you Mcr.

The wait was worth it. Once again, My Chemical Romance has put out an album that fits my life perfectly. Five years ago, I came across Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, MCR’s second album. In 8th grade, I wasn’t myself… on purpose. I tried to be like everyone else. I dressed like everyone else, acted like them, pretended to like the same things, pretended to dislike the things I really liked, and listened to the same (crappy) music. For all of middle school, I couldn’t figure out why I hated myself. Now I know it was because I was being the opposite of who I really am.

My Girlfriend As A Killjoy

So my girlfriend does graffiti and she uses sharpies for all of her art. I was at her house and she was working on something so she put a bandanna over her face so she wouldn't breathe in the sharpie fumes. I FREAKED and I was like "Omg, you are a killjoy! Look, you are using art as a weapon!" She thought I was such a dork xD But she let me take pictures and here they are~


I saw them tonight and HOLY SHIT. They were so amazing. The show was perfect (other than the fact I almost collapsed from dehydration x_x). Gerard said it was the best New York show they've ever played and I agree. Words can't even describe how I felt during and after the show.

Here is the set list (I'm not completely sure if the order is 100% right)

Look Alive Sunshine (Dr. D came out and sang it! :D)
Na Na Na
Thank You For The Venom
You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison
Planetary (GO!)
Desolation Row
I'm Not Okay
House Of Wolves
The Ghost Of You
The Only Hope For Is You



My Hanukkah Presents!

And I'm not even Jewish! x3

Awwww Show Pony! ;__;

Did you guys see this? It's so inspirational and heartfelt, I almost cried while watching it.

I wasn't really happy with the free mask I got I made it better! :D

Today was shit.

So here are random pictures that make me happy:

Danger Days all rainbowy! It's kind of blurry because I messed with the contrast to make the rainbow stand out more.

And here is my Christmas tree. Like? It's miniature, black, and decorated with marshmallows.

Leave a dream where the fallout lies...

I'm back in Battery City. I'm safe for now, but I feel as though I'm constantly being watched. The last time I was here, the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/ almost got me. I have to be careful and watch every move I make. Or it may be too late. Thank God, I'll be out in the Zones by Thursday. I can't wait to meet up with my fellow killjoys. I'm gone for now.

[- Stolen Sanity -]